Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2022
R. B. Laughlin


Taimur Ahmad Reconciling EV Growth and Scarce Rare Earth Elements
Estimating Private Aviation Emissions
Layaa Amirthalingam Sodium-Ion Batteries
Hydrogen-Powered Flight
Ghufran Alkhamis Grid Storage Options
Hydrogen Fuel Limitations
Hannah Ashai The Journey From Organic Material to Oil
Data Center Efficiency at the Hyperscale
Michael Atkin Methods for Data Center Cooling
Day-Ahead Electricity Price Forecasting
Spencer Barnes Can Rocks Replace Batteries? An Analysis of Lifted Weight Energy Storage
Mixed Messages on Future U.S. Offshore Wind Farms
Jacob Beardslee Starship Launch Energy
Aviation Biofuel Alternatives
Tianyi Chen Hydroelectricity in the US
Wyoming Coal Production
Sohan Chunduru Utility-Caused Wildfire Mitigation in California
Global Renewable Energy Trends
Gibson Clark Electric Vehicle Cobalt Demand: Implications on Subsea Resources
Tidal Energy Estimates in the Bay of Fundy
Elijah Courtney Nuclear Wealth of Nations
A Brief Analysis of Terrestrial Biofuel Production Capacity
Antone Cruz Carbon-Free Portland Cement
Blower Energy of Direct Air Capture Systems
Dylan Drescher Energy Consumption of Wine Production
Potential Impact of Regenerative Braking
Bruno Felix Renewable Energy in Mexico Under López Obrador's Presidency
Solar Energy in Morocco
John Finkelman Norway Energy Exports Increase
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant
Sam Forman The Energy Impact of the Ethereum Merge
Emissions From Rail vs. Trucking
Anissa Foster Los Angeles Carbon Dioxide Concentrations
Assessment of the Altamont Pass Wind Farm
Ananya Ganesh The Russian-Ukrainian War Effect on Indian Oil Imports
Alaskan Oil Production
William Golub Electric Car Lifetime Savings
Coal Consumption in the United States
Garin Gross Avian Fatalities from Wind Turbines
Factory Farming Methane Production and Enteric Fermentation
Luke Hansen Analysis of Utah's Coal Industry
How Many Nitinol Engines Would be Needed to Power LA?
Medhanie Irgau Space-Based Solar Power
Residential Solar Power in California
Jawad Jafar Wind Turbine Geometry
Sahara Solar Resource
Luis Jimenez Disneyland Electric Pavement
Haber-Bosch Process
Aanand Joshi The Story of ITER
Thorium-Fueled Nuclear Power in India
Ali Kashefi Stress Distribution in Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
Consumed Energy for Posting Photos on Instagram
Ben Kroul Investigating the "Battery" of Quantum Mechanics
The Cost of California's Offshore Wind
Derek Kuldinow Will Solar Roads Ever Be a Reality?
Carbon Capture Infrastructure
Chavdar Lalov Geothermal Energy in Iceland
Renewable Electricity in Sweden
Kyle Lambert Hydropower Potential in the Caribbean
Biofuel Land Efficiency
Jiwon Lee Impact of COVID-19 on Global Energy
JR-East Shinkansen Energy Consumption
Minjie Lei How Green Are Modern Rail Systems?
Nuclear Energy Potential in Australia
Guillem Megias Homar The Role of Nuclear Energy in Spain's Electricity Energy Goals
Restaurant Gas Stoves Emissions in Los Angeles County
Caetano Melone Energy Costs of California's Lowering Water Supplies
Effect of 2004 Argentine Energy Crisis on Chilean Natural Gas Imports
Anthony Mensah Car Manufacture Energy
World Shipping Energy
Nikesh Mishra Perovskite Solar Cells
Benjamin Muñoz-Cerro The Lithium Triangle
The Role of Solar Energy in Chile's Energy Transition
Nicholas Murphy Employment by Energy Generation in Renewable Energy Versus Fossil Fuels
Exhaustion of World Uranium Reserves
Christopher Perez Mexican Energy Independence
Lifted Weight Energy Storage in Orphan Wells
Luca Pistor Contrasting the German and French Nuclear Economies
Hydraulic Fracturing in the U.S.
Ajay Ravi Global Aviation CO2 Emissions
World Lithium Budget
Luis Sanchez EV CO2 Emissions in Spain
An Overview of Nuclear Access in Latin America
Toby Satterthwaite Hydroelectricity as a Viable Alternative to Swiss Nuclear Power
Gobbling Up Holiday Carbon
Theo Schutt Ocean Wave Energy Off the California Coast
How Much Carbon Does Cycling Really Save?
Bikal Sharma The Effect of Biofuel Production on Food Prices
The Energy Output of the Belo Monte Dam
Justin Shen China's Coal Usage
Solar Energy in the Mojave Desert
Andrew Sleugh Challenges Impeding the Commercial Viability of Solid-State Batteries
Complications Hindering the Completion of the California High-Speed Rail
Dominic Terrones Natural Gas Flaring Waste
California Drought and Water Desalination
Andrew Tidd Feasibility of Helicopter Electrification
Should We Wait To Electrify Ground Transportation?
David Wang California's Latest ZEV Regulation: Advanced Clean Cars II
Power-to-Gas Energy Storage
Ross Weber The Potential Impacts of EV Grid Balancing
Carbon Impact of Updated EPA Biofuel Requirements
Temesgen Worku Annual Energy Production of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam
Annual Energy Production from Coffee Waste in Ethiopia
Xuelin Yang High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission: An Introduction
Three Gorges Dam: An Overview