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Vol. 267, November 11, 2005


New Vice Presidents Appointed

KAIST offices were recently reorganized. The existing Vice Presidency was divided into three new offices: Operations Vice President and Provost, External Affairs Vice President and Dean of Planning, and Seoul Vice President and Dean of Techno MBA.

Soap Opera Star Lectures

The undergraduate student council hosted a lecture by soap opera star Sulk-cheon Hong at the Creative Learning Center on November 17th. Mr. Hong is famous for publicly admitting his homosexuality in 2000.

KAIST Seeks Book Donations

The campaign "Giving Wings to Books in KAIST' has begun. Its purpose is to enable busy students tied up with studying to read books from time to time, especially in the autumn book reading season.

Orchestra Night with Jazz

The KAIST Orchestra recently held its 14th Regular Concert. The featured soloist was jazz pianoist Bo-ra Jin.

Model Plane Contest

The KAIST model plane club, Icarus, won a gold medal at the Korean university student self-made model plane contest held at KyungSang university on November 23rd.

"Twenties" student council candidates Chan Park (left) and Sung-lim Cho (right).

Virus Chaser: Don't Check Manually

Are you presently using virus chaser? Then change the setting immediately! There is a rumor that Virus Chaser deletes Microsoft Office files such as .ppt and .doc randomly.

TV Commentator Lectures

On November 8th, Sulk-Hee Sohn, Director of MBC's Announcer Division, gave a lecture titled "Broadcasting Seen from the Inside" in Humanities Visual Room. The room was filled with students.

Reregister IP Addresses

All KAIST IP users must reregister their current IP by Dec. 10th. The information and communication team will make major changes in IP use on that day.


"Twenties" Runs Uncontested Candidate for 20th Undergraduate Presidency

November 29th is election day for the 20th KAIST student council president. The winner will represent undergraduate students for 2006. However, only one candidate group, "Twenties" registered for the election.

2005 Computing Festival Concludes

The 2005 Computing Festival, hosted by KAIST Computer Science Department and MMRC (Mobile Media Research Center) has just concluded.

Free Turkish Lecture Created

Oktay Yarimaga, a KAIST PhD student, opened a Turkish lecture for KAIST students. There is no lecture fee.

Course Introductions Begin

OnNovermber 8th, KAIST faculty began a series of 16 lectures introducing their courses to students. The first of these covered Electrical Engineering.

Supreme Court Justice Lectures

Supreme Court Justice Young-ran Kim gave a lecture about leadership at the Creative Learning Center on November 18th. The title of her lecture was "The Self-Determined Life and Women in Law".

Students Debate Smoking

The Dorm Student Council has proposed creating non-smoking areas inside the dormitories.

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