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Hi, my name is Harrison Lee. I worked as Robert B. Laughlin's personal assistant, Nobel Laureate and former President of the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon, Korea. I was also invited by the Walter Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center at Stanford as a Stanford visiting scholar, and carried out the research about Asia.

My main job was translating for him in professional situations, such as meetings with officials from Seoul, interactions with students and staff, conversations with Daejeon City officials, and so forth. I also translated his regular column in the Chosun Ilbo.

You may find copies of all past columns in both Korean and English, as well as other examples of my literary work, in the archive below. The archive also contains a few newspaper articles that have recently been written about me and my work at KAIST.

I am a professional journalist. Before coming to KAIST I worked as a reporter for the San Francisco office of the Korea Times and the Science Times in Seoul.

I am also interested in language pedagogy. I have written a textbook for Korean speakers learning English. And I also translated Waiting for a Hero into English (by Robert B. Laughlin).

I had a pretty typical Korean student experience. I went to Korea University and majored in Korean Literature. (But really I majored in girls and leftist politics.) After that I did my service in the Korean air force, and then went to Hyundai, where I worked as a clerk. I hated this, so I decided to go to Japan and study language (and to teach the Japanese Kanji). As a result, I speak reasonably good Japanese now. After Japan I went to the US and worked at the Korea Times as a reporter and at IBM as a translator from Japanese to English. I then returned to Korea.

The article links below are to English versions of my work - Professor Laughlin's original text in the case of the Chosun columns, and translations I did myself in the other cases. Translating from English to Korean is easier for me than the other way around, so I got some help from Prof. Laughlin in polishing the English.

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