Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2019
R. B. Laughlin


Esteban Abbate Drone Use To Aid Nuclear Warfare
Nukes: Surface Blast vs Air Blast
Toni Adeyemi Analyzing the Psychophysiological Effects of Three Mile Island
Reducing Our Food Waste through Radiation
Sean Afshar Enrico Fermi: The Father of the Atomic Age
Tsar Bomba: The Most Destructive Nuclear Weapon Ever
Kaitlyn Albertoli The Effects of Radiation in CT Scans
The Leak of the San Onofre Nuclear Reactor
Emma Alderton Nuclear Free New Zealand
Nuclear Power
Alexandra Baiocco Ida Noddack
How to Prepare for a Nuclear Attack
Alfred Cheung How Possible Is Cold Fusion?
High Temperature Superconductors and Energy from Fusion
Andrew Chun Nuclear Testing at Bikini Atoll: Castle Bravo
Geological Repositories: Yucca Mountain
Dahee Chung The Influence of Nuclear Energy on South Korea's Industrial Development
Radiation in Dental Practices
Brandon Clark Thermal Water Pollution from Nuclear Power Plants
The Prospects of Nuclear Water Desalination in China
Michael Cooper Recent Developments in the Design of Diamond Betavoltaic Cells
Molten Salt Reactors
Cameron Cruz Predicting the Dispersion of Radioactive Materials with Machine Learning
Environmental Effects of Radiocesium from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
Teresa Dayrit Materials Challenges in Light-Water Reactors
Materials Challenges in Superconducting Tokamaks
Jaiden Delaire Chernobyl to the World
Recovering from the Windscale Fire
Ben Gillman Abandoning the Expansion of Virgil C Summer Nuclear Generating Station
The A-Bomb Kid
Jordan Greenberg Chernobyl's Lasting Effect on Local Wildlife
The Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster
Ramona Greene The Pelindaba Break-In of 2007
Uranium Mining in South Africa
Haiwen Gui The Application Of Nuclear Technology to Manage Malaria
Oak Ridge: The History of the Secret City
Ben Hallock Windscale Fire and Consequences
The Manhattan Project
Alexandra Hellman US-North Korean Nuclear Relations Since Trump's Election
What to Do With Nuclear Waste?
Will Hooks A Review of the After Effects of Chernobyl
A Revised Look at Breeder Reactors
Hannah Howell Radiation in Cell Phones
Disney and Nuclear Energy
Nefeli Ioannou Nuclear Waste Disposal
Pediatric Thyroid Cancer after the Chernobyl Accident
Amy Kang Public Opinion of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Ultraviolet Radiation and Sunscreen
Anika Kim miRNA as a Biomarker for Acute Radiation Sickness
Foodborne Illnesses and Food Irradiation Technology
Lukas Kisunas Certain Death or a Chance to Recover: Danger of Radiation
The Power of the Earth
Emma Knaus The Chernobyl Disaster
Nuclear Security Plan for 2012-2021
Arjun Kumar Ionizing Radiation and Genetic Mutations
Use of Radioactive Isotopes in Antibodies for Medical Science
Caroline Lampl Effects of Fukushima on the Pacific Ocean
Causes of the Windscale Reactor Incident
Olivia Lancaster China's Taishan EPR Success
Hong Kong's Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant Debate
Alex Liang Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile Island
Nuclear Waste Disposal in America
Jack Little Can Nuclear Power Solve Africa's Energy Problem?
Is it Time to Phase Out the U.S. Land-Based ICBM Arsenal?
Matthew Liu The Radiation Laboratory
Electrochemical Treatment of Nuclear Wastewater
Melissa Lord The Underrated Effects of Radiation from Cigarette Smoking
Radioactive Waste in Oceans
Matthew Lu Assessing the Viability of Solar-Powered EV Charging Stations in China
The Effects of Nuclear Weapons Testing
Brandon Lutnick The Mushroom Cloud
Marie Curie
Dante Mangiaracina Shutting Down New York's Indian Point Energy Center
The Bomb and the Public: Shifting Views Since Hiroshima
William Marshall Data Collection Techniques for Integration of Solar Energy into the Electric Grid
Comparing Dangers of Coal and Nuclear Energy
Eddie Mattout Nuclear Energy in Israel
Joseph Rotblat: Nuclear Peace Activist
Alberto Mestre Cuban Missile Crisis: Product of United States Failure
North Korea's Nuclear Power
Erik Miller The Integral Molten Salt Reactor
Accident-Tolerant Fuels for Light Water Reactors
Hannah Nguyen Uranium Mining and Lung Cancer on the Navajo Nation
Church Rock: The Forgotten Nuclear Disaster
Riley Noland Loss of Nuclear Power in Germany
Preventing Nuclear Terrorism
KZ Okpala The Dangers of Phone Radiation
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Explosion
Logan Panchot Increased Risk of Leukemia Due to Atomic Bombings of Japan
Why the Manhattan Project was Born
Kiana Pancino Atomic Tourism in Las Vegas
Airplane Flights and Radiation Risk
Hannah Park Radiation Risk of Computed Tomography in Pediatrics
Environmental Policies in Regulating Nuclear Energy in Japan
William Park The Little Boy
RDS-1 and Beyond
Alex Pham The Hanford Site, A Microcosm of the US's Nuclear Waste Problem
Vietnam's Decision to Abandon Nuclear Energy
Andrew Riscoe Can Solar Replace Nuclear Power?
Using Ionizing Radiation for Catalysis
Spencer Rogers The Potential Consequences of an EMP Attack on the U.S. Electric Grid
The Watts Bar Nuclear Plant
Daniel Roy USS Enterprise
K-19 Submarine Disaster
Rachel Savage Nuclear Anxiety Representation in The Incredible Hulk
Nuclear Waste Storage Perspectives
Zach Sehgal Nuclear Phase-Out in Germany
James Chadwick
Olivia Sheppard The Medical Radioisotope Economy
Materials Challenges in Molten-Salt-Cooled Reactors
Zen Simone Virtual Reality is a Promising Attempt to Improve Nuclear Power Plant Safety
Comparisons in Pollution Between Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Based Energy Production
Mitchell So Behind the Philippines' Only and Inactive Nuclear Plant
Electric Field Therapy as a Substitute for Radiation
Jay Tyler Nuclear Waste Management
Health Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident
Isi Umunna Design and Disarmament: A Brief History of Nuclear Weapons in South Africa
The Treaty of Tlatelolco
Jenny Vo-Phamhi Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Facility
Isaac White The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing
The Risk of Being Addicted to Your Cell Phone, in Terms of Radiation
Bryce Wills The Fukushima Disaster
What Happened at Three Mile Island?
Dylan Woodhead The Yellowstone Supervolcano
The Origin, Function, and Impact of Nuclear Submarines
Brandon Wulff Terrapower and Traveling Wave Reactors
Nuclear Medicine
Jose A. Zamora Zeledon How Can the U.S. Government Respond to the Paris Agreement?
The Delayed Transition to Renewable Energy in the U.S.