Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory - Vent Sites - 28 Apr 09

Prof. Robert B. Laughlin
Department of Physics
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305
(Copied 30 Jan 10)

Global Compilation of Confirmed and Inferred Vent Sites

An excel spreadsheet identifying more than 350 hydrothermal discharge locations is available for download here. The data set is a compilation of sites confirmed visually ("vent") or inferred from water column measurements ("plume"). The sites are segregated into Midocean Ridge, Backarc Basin, Volcanic Arc, and Hotspot provinces. For each site the geographic location, water depth, spreading rate (for ridges) is supplied (where known). Locations and depth of sites known only from plumes are estimates. A citation is supplied for each site, usually the paper reporting its discovery. New sites continue to be discovered; additional information and corrections to the existing data set are always welcome. Acknowledgement of the use of this compilation would be appreciated.

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