The Crime of Reason - References

Prof. Robert B. Laughlin
Department of Physics
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305

This is a library of references relevant to Prof. Laughlin's book The Crime of Reason (Basic Books, New York, 2008). To guard against future disappearance of the material, the contents of the original URL, written out and linked to the right, have been copied into a repository reached by the link on the left. This repository was created on 30 Apr 08.

Name Original URL
J. E. Moulder
M. Crichton
S. Aftergood
W. J. Broad (1)
M. A. Dennis
D. A. Shea
P. Galison
G. Flaccus
P. Wilson
G. F. Will
W. J. Broad (2)
H. C. Relyea
W. J. Broad (3)
B. Powell,9171,1025082-1,00.html
C. S. Smith
W. Langewiesche
D. E. Sanger (1)