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This material is relevant to Prof. Laughlin's military service.

Pershing Missile System

Pershing missile units

(Prior to reorganization of 56th FA)

1st Bn, 41st FA
Schwabisch Gmund,
1st Bn, 81st FA
Neu Ulm,
3rd Bn, 84th FA
3rd Bn, 9th FA
Fort Sill,
HQ, 56th FA Brigade
Schwabisch Gmund,

Pershing missile units in Germany were apart of the 56th FA Brigade, comprised of 3 missile battalion units and the brigade HQ as well as associated support units. There also were several US warhead detachment units in Germany that maintained custody of warheads for Pershing missiles belonging to the West German Luftwaffe. The sole Pershing missile unit in CONUS (continental United States) was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After the 56th FA Brigade reorganized under the Army regimental system, the 3 European missile battalions became part of the 9th FA (1st, 2nd & 4th Battalions.)

Images of the Pershing 1A missile system

(Courtesy of US Army)

Launch of a Pershing
1A Cape Kennedy, FL(?)
Launch of a Pershing
1A Cape Kennedy, FL(?)
Launch preparation
of a Pershing 1A,
Martin Sand Lake facility, FL
Launch preparation
of a Pershing 1A,
Martin Sand Lake facility, FL
Pershing 1A launch
McGregor Range, NM(?)

Pershing 1A - Combat Alert Status Training
C Battery, 1/81st FA, Neu Ulm, Germany, 1979

2 erector launchers Firing platoon training
EL, ARU tent
erected, PTS
PTS, EL w/o missile,
45 KW generator

Pictures from C 1/81st FA Field Training

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Images received From Other Pershing Missilemen

Pershing 1 - "Project 4", 2nd Bn 44th FA
Wayco Range, White Sands Missile Range, NM, 1963

Received from Barney Fox (

Various Pershing photos

Dual Pershing 1A launch
w/General Pershing
Pershing Launch, 21 Feb 78 President Reagan w/Red Hat
Pershing 1A launch, date unknown Pershing 1 equipment Selfkant Kaserne, FKG 2
home of FRGAF Pershing Wing 2

Received from Rodger Dana (

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