Students Left Baffled by ME Abolition

On May 23rd, the school announced the abolition of the Management Engineering (ME) Bachelor and Master degree linking program in the KAIST Graduate School of Management (KGSM) following the decision made earlier in April.

See-KAIST 2005 Brings Full House

The opening ceremony for SEE-KAIST 2005 was held at the KAIST College Gym on May 25, in the presence of various officials including Chairman Rim Kwan of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Young Bok Chae, who served as 22nd Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Science andTechnology.

Prof. Lee Succeeds in Real-Time Observation of Proteins

Professor Hyotcherl Lee of the Department of Chemistry at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has revealed success in real-time identification of the structure of moving proteins.

Combining Yellow Sand with NMR Biosensor

Professor Je-Kyun Park and his team at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have revealed on May 19 that they have succeded in developing a biosensor based on superparamagnetic nanoparticles.

Campus Heats up with Festivity

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology had been in sull spirits for the three days of 2005 Tae-wool Sook-lim Festival.

Students sign petition to protest abolition of KAIST Management Engineering Program. Go to article.

Editorial and Opinion

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News Headlines

KAIST and EP Strengthen Tie
Samsung to Fund 40 Billion Won
Service Held in Memory of Late Dr. Cho
KAIST to Seek 50 Billion Won from Government
Third Nano Forum Focuses on OLED
KAIST Signs Pact with Hynix
Samsung Research Center Opens at KAIST
Joint Research to be Held with Samsung Medical Center
Enhanced Nanotech Facilities TB-Class Research
Book Cafe to Open in the Science Library
New Modeling Language Discovered
Sports in KAIST


Ehwa University to Host Exhibit on Extinction
Korea University Student Council Impeachment Rejected
Ecole Polytechnique and Postech Collaborate
SNU's New Admission Policy Emphasizes Writing
Fastest Internet in the World
New Technology May Speed DNA Analysis
Radiology at 100 in Stanford University


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