KAIST President's Poker Night

Undergraduate Cafeteria
Wednesday, 25 May 05

The default venue for Poker Night will be Wednesdays at 18:00 in the undergraduate cafeteria. The day is subject to change week-to-week due to my excessive and highly unreasonable travel schedule, so please check this site for weekly updates.

The main purpose of Poker Night is to practice language. The chief rule is that all competing, judging, ranking and other traditional Korean activities of this nature are banned. I officially declare it OK to be bad. This applys also to myself, for I am a slow learner and just can't advance any faster. No one is allowed to make fun of my poor Korean. Students who aren't very good at English are definitely welcome and definitely encouraged to play. The other purpose, of course, is to learn economics, which is much better mastered this way than sitting in a classroom.

We will be playing Texas Hold-em. Rules and strategies for this kind of poker may be found at various sites on the internet. Please note that many of these are also gaming businesses, the use of which I do not encourage. Here are some specific sites:

(Korean instructions here)
(Korean instructions here)

[President Laughlin's personal web site is at Stanford. ]

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