KAIST Parent Trust Fund

2003-1 Minutes of Regular Board Meeting

[Translated by Harrison Lee]

1. Date: Wednesday, 30 Apr 04, 19:00
2. Place: Meeting Room # 3, Marriot Hotel, 3rd Floor
Banpo-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul
3. Members Present:
President: Hong Young-chul
Vice President: Lee Chul-soo
Vice President: Lee Kyung-whoon
Trustee: Kim Kwang-joong
Trustee: Han Ki-chang
Trustee: Yoon Joo-whan
Trustee: Lee Bong-whoon
Trustee: Song Ho-geun
Trustee: Park Sung-soon
Trustee: Jung Hang-gu
Trustee: Hong Chang-sun
Trustee: Ko Sim-suk
(13 trustees in all)
Auditor: Kwark Eun-geun
4. Agenda and Meeting Result
A. Report Agenda
Agenda 1: 2002-1st The minute of regular board meeting Report
Agenda 2: The accomplishments of main business of 2002 Report
Agenda 3: 2002-2nd The result of ad hoc board meeting (documentary resolution) Report
B. Report Agenda Meeting Result
Accepted according to the original agendas 1, 2 and 3.
C. Voting (Decision) Agenda
Agenda 1: The closing account of 2002 (Agenda)
Agenda 2: The disposal of profit surplus of 2002 (Agenda)
Agenda 3: Business plan and estimated budget of 2002 (Agenda)
Agenda 4: Trustee Designation of Parents Trust
D. The result of voting (decision) agenda
Accepted according to the original agendas 1, 2, 3 and 4