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Sent by 18 Undergraduate Student Council Document No: 04-02-16-18
Received by Student Support Team Date Sent: 16 Feb 04
Title RE: Request to Open Parents Trust Fund

1. We wish your prosperity.
2. The Parents Trust fee this year is now set at 821,000 won. This is about a 5% increase for all students except freshmen, for whom it is a 10% increase. KAIST students wonder why the fee is increasing at a rate greater than the cost of living, notwithstanding difficult national economic conditions. The news that other national universities use the fund for faculty/staff salaries makes students especially uneasy.
3. At the moment students can't stop asking how the Parents Trust fees billed under students' names are used. This issue will be raised at students meeting slated to be held on 29 Mar 04. We - the ones paying Parents Trust fees - request "Disclosure of the details of estimated revenue of the Parents Trust Account" in keeping with our right to know and the need for proper Parents Trust Fund appropriation.

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