Prof. Robert B. Laughlin
Department of Physics
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305

This pertains Prof. Laughlin's KAIST presidency from 15 Jul 04 to 15 Jul 06. These are texts of the columns Prof. Laughlin wrote for the Chosun Ilbo during this time. The original Korean translations may be found at the web site of Harrison Lee.

2004 2005 2006
c21oct04 - "Breakfast of Champions"
c15nov04 - "Second Chance"
c06dec04 - "The International Man"
c27dec04 - "New Resolution"
c17jan05 - "Trumpets of the Sky"
c01feb05 - "We Were So Proud"
c01mar05 - "The Dark Age"
c24mar05 - "Knights of Bits"
c23apr05 - "The Middle Kingdom"
c13may05 - "My Ammo Belt"
c04jun05 - "I Wish I Had a Car"
c02jul05 - "The Great Tower"
c22jul05 - "Let's Kill the Lawyers"
c13aug05 - "Black Holes in China"
c31aug05 - "What About Our Golf Course?"
c30sep05 - "The Perfect Storm"
c21oct05 - "The Winning Band"
c19nov05 - "Daughters of Science"
c03dec05 - "Beyond the Rising Sun"
c30dec05 - "Replace Your Radios"
c27jan06 - "The Banking Scandal"