Prof. Robert B. Laughlin
Department of Physics
Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305

One of Prof. Laughlin's hobbies is musical composition. Click on the links to the left to obtain PDF renderings of his original scores. The original ETF sources (written using Finale 3.0) are available in the archive. Prof. Laughlin is in the process of making good recordings of these pieces, but at the moment has only time to produce raw MIDI files from the scores.

m01jul69 R. B. Laughlin, Counterpoint Study - D Minor
m01mar92 R. B. Laughlin, Piano Sonata 1 - C Major
m01apr93 R. B. Laughlin, Piano Sonata 2 - A Major
m01jun94 R. B. Laughlin, Piano Sonata 3 - E♭ Major
m01jul96 R. B. Laughlin, Piano Sonata 4 - C Minor

m01aug04 R. B. Laughlin, Carnival of the Baubles - B Minor
m01aug05 R. B. Laughlin, The Middle Kingdom - D Minor