Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2021
R. B. Laughlin


Nick Barber Yucca Mountain and the U.S. Nuclear Waste Storage Problem
Overview of Nuclear Decommissioning
Temiloluwa Bolodeoku Nuclear Energy in Nigeria
Nuclear Energy in Egypt
Sidharth Bommakanti Impact of Radiation Resistance on Cancer
Chernobyl Health Aftermath
Tony Chen Project Orion
Trinity Test
Jad Fidawi The Future of Nuclear Energy in France
Radiation Effects on Concrete Degradation
Omar Fidawi Nuclear Transition in the UAE
German Denuclearization and Energiewende
Joshua Kim The Agreed Framework of 1994
What Are North Korea's Nuclear Capabilities?
Mun Sek Kim Robotic Systems for Characterizing Nuclear Environments
Radiocesium in Jeju Island
Garrett LeCroy Safety Challenges of Molten Salt Reactors
A Brief Survey of Load-Following Capabilities in Modern Nuclear Power Plants
Elaine Lui Nuclear Decarbonization
The History of Radium
Rachel Margraf A Brief History of U.S. Funding of Fusion Energy
Muon Imaging at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Site
Jamie McCullough The Bussard Ramjet
Neutron Star Mergers and Heavy Element Synthesis
Solomon Oyakhire Nuclear Waste Disposal
Pregnancy Radiation Effects
Rochelle Radzyminski Nuclear Magnetic Resonance In Medicine
Environmental and Health Consequences of Uranium Mining
Ethan Sperla Remembering the Manhattan Project
Nuclear Weapons Testing at Bikini Atoll
Ezra Yoseph Russian Nuclear Power in Ethiopia
The Future of Nuclear in Iran