Many-Body Quantum Dynamics

PH470 - Stanford University - Spring 2020
Prof. V. Khemani


Galit Anikeeva Holographic Models of Black Hole Evaporation From the Ground Up
Vladimir Calvera The Disordered Floquet Ising Chain
Sam Cree Entanglement Dynamics for Different Measures of Entanglement
Jioxun Ding Stability of MBL in Two Dimensions and Higher
Ben Foutty Edge States and Topology in Floquet Systems
Johnathan Georgaras Exploring Many-Body Dynamics on a Rydberg Quantum Simulator
Chris Gustin Entanglement Growth Dynamics in Condensed Matter Systems
Xuxin Huang Phase Structure of Driven Quantum Systems
Kuan-Yu Lin Critical Scaling at the MBL Phase Transition in 1D: A Review of RG Approaches
Brendan Marsh The Relationship Between Quantum Spin Glass and Many-Body Localization
Sattwik Deb Mishra Floquet Majorana End Modes and Topological Invariants
Jordi Montana-Lopez A Note on Topology and Broken Symmetry in Floquet Systems
Hiroki Nakayama Random Matrix Theory, Quantum Chaos, and Eigenstate Thermalization
Tamra Nebabu Emergent Geometry From Hamiltonian-Space RG in Many-Body Localized Systems
Avikar Periwal Rydberg Simulation to Quantum Scars
Matthew Radzihovsky Topological Quantum Phases Through Majorana Wires Stablized by Many-Body Localization
Adel Rahman The Gutzwiller Trace Formula and the Quantum-Classical Correspondence
Jonathan San Miguel Anderson Localization
Zhengyan Shi MBL Transition from Phenomenological Renormalization Group
Jun-Ho Son Operator Spreading, Out-of-Time-Correlators and Entanglement Growth in One Dimensional Spin Chains
Praveen Sriram Random-Matrix Theory of Quantum Transport in Topological Superconductors
Jinhui Wang First-Order Evolution of the Spectral Form Factor in Floquet Systems
Wen Wang Brief Explanation and Summary of Anderson Localization in Three Dimensional Systems
Zhaoyou Wang Measurement Induced Entanglement Phase Transition
Michelle Wu Rydberg-Atom Simulator and Quantum Many-Body Scars
Atsushi Yamamura Many-Body Localization Phase Transition
Cynthia Yan Spectral Form Factor