Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2020
R. B. Laughlin


Gabe Alvarez Energy Economics and the Efficiency Revolution
Carbon Inequality
Joshua Barnett Concentrated Solar Power
Flywheels as Batteries
Alexander Bhatt Future Potential of the Central Arizona Project
Current Infeasibility of Metals as a Clean Fuel Source
Temiloluwa Bolodeoku The Grand Gabonese Hydropower Renaissance
Niger Delta Energy
Olivia Brown The Impact of California's Wilodfires on Power
Natural Gas Bans in California
Caravaggio Caniglia Ultra-High Voltage Direct Current Deployment
Prospects for the Directed Evolution of Cellulases for Biofuels Production
Tony Chen Can Solar Energy Replace Fossil Fuel?
Mining and Refueling in Space
Andrew Chun Solar Sail and IKAROS
Nuclear Waste at San Onofre
Amir Davis Cost Analysis of the United States' Land-Based Wind Energy
Agricultural Methane Digesters in the United States
Julia Di Power for Space Exploration Beyond Earth
Electric Vehicle Powertrain Components
Omar Fidawi Solar Energy in the Middle East
Renewable Energy in the UK
Anita Garg Carbon-Free Corporations: Are They Beneficial, or Even Feasible?
Residential Energy Affordability in the United States
Scooter Harrington Tesla's Value
Pandemic Energy Effects
Dinesh Kandel Energy in Venezuela
Fracking in the USA
Mun Sek Kim Lithium Metal Anode for Batteries
Particulate Matter Pollution
Zack LaGrange Reducing Methane Emissions from Cows Using New Feed Additives
The Hummer EV Supertruck
Elaine Lui E-Waste Recycling: The Good, The Bad, And The Dirty
Artificial Intelligence from an Energy Lens
Brandon Lutnick Hawaii's Energy Policy
Smart Glass
Daniel McColl Advances in Geothermal
Aerial Solar PV Inspection
Kevin Multani Overview of California's 100 Percent Clean Energy Act
Water Scarcity and the Semiconductor Industry
Marcus Palsson The Environmental Effects of Electric Scooter Ridesharing
Sweden and Nuclear Power
Rochelle Radzyminski Engineering E. coli for Biofuel Production
Energy Insecurity in the United States
Linsey Rodenbach Long Term Environmental Impacts of Cultured Meat
Recycling Lead-Acid Batteries and Associated Pb Pollution
Madeleine Scott Goat Fire Control
Salter Sinks
Hubert Stokowski Is Hydrogen a Sustainable Fuel for Green Transport?
A Decade of Research on Perovskite Solar Cells
Blake Villanueva The Feasibility of Carbon Capture and Storage
Net Metering for Rooftop Solar in the US
Autumn Warren Germany's Efforts to be Carbon-Free
Sustainable Housing and the Net-Zero Home
Mark Zic On the Possibility of a North American Transcontinental Electric Plane
Feasibility of Wave Power