Nuclear and New York

Mimi El-Khazindar
March 14, 2019

Submitted as coursework for PH241, Stanford University, Winter 2018

Fig. 1: New York City skyline. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

New York (see Fig. 1) presently obtains 1/3 of its electricity from nuclear power plants. [1] However, there has been controversy as IPEC announced that New York City's closest nuclear power plant will close in 4 years. The Indian Point Energy Center, which has three nuclear reactors, in Westchester, New York, will close down by 2021. [2]

Negative Effects of the Closure

There will be many negative effects of losing the power plant. Firstly, nuclear energy produces 1/3 of New York's electricity. [1] It is an extremely reliable and eco-friendly source of power that will be lost. Furthermore, it will weaken the US' national energy and environmental security and challenge the state's ability to provide reliable and resilient clean power to New York City. Furthermore, the closure will cause Buchanan, NY to lose half of its revenue ($3 million in annual revenue), and heightened taxes. [2]

Positive Effects of the Closure

Having a nuclear plant so close to one of the largest cities in the world poses security threats. The Indian Point Energy Center is 43 miles from Manhattan, only an hour's drive. Mr. Cuomo, NY's governor, states that he is pushing for legal action as the nuclear reactors are extremely dangerous. [3] If there were a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, it could devastate nearby New York City.

There are obvious positive and negative effects surrounding New York's current state of nuclear energy and the closure of the Indian Point Energy Center. We will see how New York is planning on replacing this main source of nuclear energy.

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