Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2018
R. B. Laughlin


Oluwaseun Adebagbo Environmental Injustice: Racism Behind Nuclear Energy
Radiation Exposure: What are the Dangers?
Opemipo Akerele Future Energy in Nigeria with Rosatom
Is Nuclear Terrorism on the Horizon?
Michelle Bach Using PET Scans to Detect Prostate Cancer
2017 Nobel Peace Prize Winner: ICAN
Alexander Barakat Miniaturization: The Future of Nuclear Energy
Is There a Long term Strategy for Nuclear Waste?
Brendan Beck Leslie Groves Jr: The Manhattan Man
WWII Brain Drain: How Foreign Physicists Impacted the War in America
Winston Becker Effects of Radiation Exposure on the Gastrointestinal System
Preparing and Mounting a Public Health Response to Nuclear Emergencies
Sarah Benjamin Global Zero - A Mere Aspiration
Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine
Frank Buncom IV Nuclear Waste Storage: Why We Should Avoid Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Waste Recycling and Disposal: What's the Proper Road?
Cody Carlton Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
Radiation Effects on Cells
Ryan Castandea Tsar Bomba: The Most Powerful Man-Made Explosion in History
The Marshall Islands: U.S. Nuclear Testing of the 1950's
Shin-Mei Chan Origins of Psychological Factors in Nuclear Power Sentiments
Thyroid Cancer and Nuclear Energy
Xuanbing Cheng A.I. vs Nuclear Weapons: Which Is More Dangerous?
Rebuilding of Nagasaki After The Atomic Bombing
Alana Cook Nuclear Power Plant Safety
Scientists and Victims: Women in Nuclear Energy
Maria Gabrielle Coseteng Diablo Canyon: The Shutdown of California's Last Nuclear Plant
Estimating North Korea's Nuclear Capabilities in 2018
Samuel Dull Where Are the Nuclear-Powered Airplanes?
Chemical Versus Nuclear Reactions
Peace Edem Kenya: An Emerging Nuclear Energy Country
Uganda: Peaceful Purposes for Nuclear Energy
Lucas Ege Adjacent Economic Benefits of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy's Role in a Mars Settlement - NASA's Kilopower Project
Jonathan Faust Evaluating the Consequences of German De-Nuclearization
Abdus Salam
Boomer Fleming The Nuclear Plant Outage of Fermi Unit 1
Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant
Charlie Furrer Nuclear Submarines: Safety Concerns and Solutions
The Firestorm: A Lesser Known Side Effect of Nuclear Weapons
Hongpeng Gao NIR-II Fluorescence Three-Dimensional Imaging for Biological Tissue
Development of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Devices
Axel Geller Uranium Mining in Niger
History of Nuclear Weapons in France
Isabel Goronzy Meitner and Hahn: Partners and Pioneers in Nuclear Physics
Radiation Sterilization
Olivia Hallisey The Myths and Truths of Radiation Causing Mutation
The Plausibility of Nuclear Energy in the Developing World
Rosa Hamalainen Overview of Nuclear Energy in Finland
Public Opinion on the Hanhikivi 1 Project
Ben Ho Effects of the Atomic Age on Country Music
J. Robert Oppenheimer's Security Hearing and its Consequences
Michael Humphrey Storing Nuclear Waste
Radioactive Pollution of the Atmosphere and Marine Environment
Jonathan Johnson What? Huh? Who? - Nuclear Energy
We Have To Protect Nuclear Power Plants From Viruses Too?
Hyo-Jin Kim Nautilus: The First Nuclear Submarine
Hybrid Nuclear-Renewable Energy Systems
Nathaniel Kucera The Baruch Plan
Kewaunee Nuclear Generating Station
Jesse Kuet Abuse of Power and Nuclear Waste
Benefits and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy
Valmik Lakhlani Natural Disaster and Safety in the Nuclear Industry - Fukushima Accident
Low-Level Radioactive Waste Treatment
Sydney Lance Opposition to the Linear No-Threshold Model
Ramsar and Radioactivity
Juan Leis-Pretto The Supercritical Light Water Reactor
Natural Radioactivity in Southern and Eastern Egypt
Jason Li Cell Phone Radiation: Warranted Public Health Threat?
A Clinical Reality: Advances in Photon Beam Therapy
Evan Long The Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator
Osirak and the Fallout of a Preemptive Strike
Jamie MacFarlane The Ecological Dangers of Once-Through Cooling Systems
Operation Anadyr
Will Matthiessen The Controversy Surrounding the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Energy in Sweden
Anika Mohindra Hinkley Point C: High Stakes and Ongoing Controversy
Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Station
Emma Morris Plutonium: History, Manufacturing, and Safety
Animal Populations Affected by Nuclear Meltdown
Muzzammil Muhammad Shittu Nigeria, France and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Salted Nukes: A Very Dangerous Nuclear Thought Experiment
Lauren Murphy An Exploration of Cancer after Nuclear Disasters
Nuclear Attack on Hawaii: The 2018 False Alarm
Zach Naidu Plant Vogtle Expansion
Vietnam Nuclear Power Suspension
Regina Nguyen Marietta Blau
Harriet Brooks
Gigi Nwagbo Nuclear Microscopy
Nuclear Cardiac Imaging
Wesley Olmsted Safety Concerns with Nuclear Power in Ohio
The German Atomic Bomb Project
Kofi Owusu Agyeman The Nuclear Energy Dilemma
Differences Between BWRs and PWRs
Patrick Perrier The Future of Nuclear Energy in Illinois
SMR's Potential Role in Britain's Energy Portfolio
Emanuel Pinilla An Overview of Nuclear Energy in France
Nuclear Medicine: Positron Emission Tomography
Jensen Price Coral Responding to Radiation
Using Data to Diagnose Problems at Nuclear Plants (FW-PHM)
Catherine Raquel Indoor Air Pollution
Myocardial Perfusion Scans
Collin Riccitelli Nuclear Energy in California: A Thing of the Past
The Future of Nuclear Energy
Persiana Saffari The Iran Nuclear Deal
Nuclear Politics: The Closing of California's Last Nuclear Plant
Josh Sharma International Reaction to Fukushima Disaster
Small Modular Reactors
Kylesh Sharma Usage of nuclear energy in Ireland
Nuclear Plant Expansion in State of Georgia
Xinjian Shi Solar or Nuclear, Which Is Better?
The Attitude to Nuclear Power of Citizens and Governments
Katy Shi Nuclear Energy in the Midwest
The Use and Re-Supply of Plutonium-238 in the United States
Caroline Soane Radiotherapy-Induced Tumors in Pediatric Cancer Survivors
The Future of Nuclear Desalination to Address Water Scarcity in Israel
Nicole Summersett Psychological Impacts of Nuclear Attack Threats
The Trinity Test and Trinitite
Kawin Surakitbovorn Fast Breeder Reactor in Operation: BN-800
Prospect for Nuclear Energy in Malaysia
John Toner Nuclear Power In Hawaii
Electric Vehicles to Combat CO2 Emissions in the US
Anthony Trinh Food Irradiation
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster
Casey Tucker Megatons to Megawatts Program: Easing Nuclear Tension
Nuclear Energy Fueling Smoke Detectors
Misha Wilcockson The UGM-133 Trident II
Cartoon Nuclear Energy: Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Harrison Williams The 1961 Goldsboro B-52 Crash
The 1966 Palomares B-52 Crash
George Wojcik Nuclear Safety in the Soviet Union
Fissile Materials and the Iran Deal
Paulette Wolak India - A Key Player in the Future of Thorium
The PMDA and the Demise of the Savannah River MOX Facility
Jacob Wolf The Promises and Pitfalls of Nuclear Energy Startups
Playing Nuclear Football: Processes and Problems of Nuclear Launch
Sophia Xiao Role of Art in the Cold War
Depiction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japanese and American Literature
Pat Yontrarak The Chernobyl Disaster: Public Responses
The Fukushima Daiichi Accident: Water Contamination in Japan
Tesay Yusuf Nuclear Energy in South Africa
Energy and Neo-Colonialism on the Continent of Africa
Andrew Ziperski America's Role in Creating the Iran Nuclear Threat
Nuclear Power in North Carolina