Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2018
R. B. Laughlin


Chiamaka Agali Overview of Biogas Production
Biofuels in Africa
McDavis Ansere Food Waste And Its Effects
Renewable Energy In Africa
Cansu Arslan Increasing Solar Energy to Its Potential
The Fastest Growing Renewable
Nick Barber 1991 Gulf War Oil Spill
United States Nuclear Weapon Testing
Charlie Beall Electric Vehicles and Their Necessary Infrastructure
Could Zinc Be The Solution We've Been Waiting For?
Elle Billman Geothermal Energy in Iceland
Wearable Thermoelectric Generators
Diogo Braganca Impact of Renewable Energies in the Cost of Electricity
Artificial Photosynthesis and Solar Fuels
Roland Centeno Solar Energy in the Philippines
Switchgrass as a Biofuel
Eric Chang Airborne Wind Energy
Perpetual Endurance Flight
Yu Jin Choi Jeju Island and its Renewable Energy
Electric Vehicle Deployment in South Korea
Dahee Chung Sludge to Energy
Nanotechnology in Energy
Dania Cortes Energy Reformation in Mexico
Qatar's Statement in Leaving OPEC
Michaela Crunkleton Wilson Food Waste and Energy
Energy Advantages of Passive Solar Heating
Tierna Davidson How Artificial Glaciers are Saving a Himalayan Region
The 1973 Energy Crisis
Carlos Ezquerro Solutions to Oil Price Volatility
Alternative Energy Use by the United States Military
Audriana Fitzmorris Review of the Process and Efficacy of Water Desalination
Sally Ride: A Courageous Ride in Space and Her Impact Beyond
Tushar Goel Phantom Loads, But Real Energy
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Jenna Gray The Chernobyl Disaster and Its Effects on Nuclear Safety
Marie Curie: Radium and Its Health Effects
Ramona Greene Nuclear Waste Disposal Site: Yucca Mountain
Site C Hydroelectric Dam
Alex Gruebele Harvesting Waves: Triboelectric Nanogenerator Nets
The Human Body as a Portable Power Source
Xinbei Guan Electricity for Africa
Nuclear Energy in California
Daniel Halper The Cattle Industries' Hand in Global Warming
Cryptocurrency's Impact on Global Energy Usage
Serena Harber Chinese Hydropower Development: Small Hydropower
Rudolf Diesel: The Mind Behind the Engine
Morgan Hentz Morocco's Initiative on Renewable Energy
Biomass as a Renewable Energy Potential in Chile
Tule Horton Solar Rooftops for a Global Market
Onshore Wind Turbines and the Potential Impact of Wind Power
Hannah Howell Electric Vehicles in California
Will a Vegan Diet Reduce Global Warming?
Laura Jacobsen Energy to Produce Bottled Water
The Global Cooling Challenge and Air-Conditioning
Wentao Jiang Energy to Transmit One Bit
Energy to Store One Bit
Sophia Kazmierowicz Harvesting Energy from Crashing Waves
Exploring the Rise of Electric Cars
Anika Kim The Intermittent Energy Storage Problem
Seismic Airgun Blasting
Sarah Klass Algae as a Biofuel
The Aftermath of Bikini Atoll
Ben Knapp Energy Independence in Rural Communities in the USA
How Feasible Is Perovskite Solar Technology?
Valmik Lakhlani The Sustainable Future of Sodium Ion Batteries: Is It In Apples?
Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) in Sodium Ion Batteries
Caroline Lampl The Yucca Mountains and Nuclear Waste
Wind Energy in India
Olivia Lancaster The Effectiveness of Electric Vehicles in Hong Kong
Renewable Energy in Scotland
Joanna Langner Coffee as a Biofuel for London Buses
Biofuel in Indonesia
Luis Lascurain Energy use in Agriculture
Kyuho Lee Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts for Clean Hydrogen Production
Enhancing Photoelectrochemical Cell Performance
Minku Lee Natural Gas - Important, But Leaning Off Too Quickly?
Threats to Progressive Renewable Energy in Italy
Jiachen Li Carbon-based Fuels Generated via Electrochemistry
Solar Cells for Nitrogen Reduction to Ammonia
Alex Liang The Need for Clean Energy in China
Biofuels in Aviation
David Lin China's Unfulfilled Wind Energy Potential
Multipronged Solutions to Intermittency
Melissa Lord Global Initiative to Decrease Energy Use from Air Conditioning Systems
E-Cigarettes and the Harm On the Environment
Jamie MacFarlane Piezoelectricity
Wireless Power Transfer
Alexander Madurowicz (Un)Conservation of Energy
Antimatter Battery
Scott Malley Forest-Based Carbon Offset Projects
The Promise of Zero Energy Buildings
William Mangram The Deep Space Gateway
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Anudeep Mangu Luminescent Solar Concentrators: A Technology for Solar Windows
Managing Energy Consumption of Data Centers
Erik Miller Renewable Energy in California
Creating Sustainable Housing
Molly Mitchel Biofuel in Tanzania
Germany's Nuclear Power Phase-Out Post-Fukushima
Maya Navar Solar Distillation as a Sustainable Method of Water Desalination in Texas Colonias
Jatropha Curcas Biodiesel
Hannah Nguyen Coal Mining on the Crow Nation
The Impact of Global Climate Change on Mass Migration in Bangladesh
Riley Noland A Solution to Normative Biofuel Issues: Duckweed
Is Nuclear Energy a Fuel of the Past?
Fisayo Omilana Fueling Interstellar Travel
Mechanics of the Triple Jump
Josh Orrick The Advent of Metamaterials: Hype or Reality and Possible Future Applications
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and the Future of Therapeutic Uses
Edwina Owusu-Adjapong "I Better Pass My Neighbour" - Generator Use and The Nigerian Energy Crisis
Oil and Gas Production In Ghana: Blessing or Curse?
Kofi Owusu-Agyeman Introduction to Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery
The Oil and Gas Exploration Sector
Hannah Park Renewable Energy Potential in Ghana
Municipal Solid Waste Incineration in Japan
KiJung Park Anti-Nuclear and Pro-Renewable Energy Movement in South Korea
Energy in International Space Shuttle
Nana Peterson Flying on Fumes: What at all do Airplanes Run on?
Sun, Moon, Oceans: The Potential of Ocean Tidal Energy
Kelsey Pian Carbon Nanotubes for Improved Energy Systems
Role of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Wyatt Pontius Photosynthesis and Photosynthetic Enhancement
Global Warming: Cars, Cows, and Everything In Between
Cyrus Reza Marine Energy
The Bush Administration's Approach to the Kyoto Protocol
Thomas Rogers The Promise of Geothermal Energy in Kenya
Tidal Stream Energy and the Orkney Islands Test Site
Aaron Scherr Wind Energy Kills Birds
Climate Effects of Hot Roads and Roofs in Urban Settings
Zach Sehgal Super 73 Electric Bike
Kelly Slater Surf Ranch and the Artificial Wave
Maxim Serebriakov Oil as a Political Weapon
Trends in Renewable Energy
Xinjian Shi Photoelectrochemical Cell for Energy Conversion
Electrochemical Water Oxidation: Effective Catalysis
Henry Shimp Swine Waste-to-Energy
Solar Energy in North Carolina
Rachel Smith The Enron Scandal
Arctic Methane Emissions: The Economic Impact
Nathan Spielberg Future of the Coal Industry in Kentucky
Mathematical Optimization and Control for Energy Applications
Simon Swifter Tandem Solar Cells: A Solution to Demand for Renewable Energy
Thermionic Energy Generation as a Source of Clean Energy
John Talbot The Effect of Ridesharing on Traffic Emissions
Commercial Truck Platooning to Reduce Energy Consumption
Jenny Vo-Phamhi Cryptocurrency Mining in Iceland
Wind and Solar Farms in the Sahara and the Sahel
Eli Wachs Bullish Outlook for US Offshore Wind
Current Attempts to Improve Nuclear Fusion
Eva Wallack Space Solar Power
Palm Oil Biodiesel
Paul Walter Human Behavior and Sustainability
Case for Interventionist Climate Policy
Bennett Williams Regulating Iranian Nuclear Research to Maintain Peace
Using Coffee as Fuel
Harrison Williams A Simplified Mechanical Model of the Pole Vault
The Physics of the Fosbury Flop
Dylan Woodhead Patchwork: System 001 Launched to Combat the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Making Use of Food Waste
Pat Yontrarak Common Water Hyacinth Biofuel: Solving Thailand's National Issue
Thailand's Energy Plans and an Insight into Nuclear Energy
Crystal Zheng Biogenic Solar Cells: Interesting, But Still Far from Industry Standard
The Race to 100%: Renewable Energy-Powered Countries