Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2017
R. B. Laughlin


Justin Adamson Onkalo Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository
The IAEA Technical Cooperation Programme
Nooreddeen Albokhari The Scale of Nuclear Energy in Power Generation in Saudi Arabia
Electricity: Nuclear vs. Fossil
Valarie Allman Nuclear Powered Ships
The Huemul Project
Roberto Arguello Indian Point Energy Center
Total Body Irradiation
Michelle Bae Acute Radiation Syndrome
Radiation Resistant Cancer Stem Cells
Ben Baggett The Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Deterrence Theory
James Bai Nuclear Radiation Effects on Bone Marrow and Stomach
US-Japan Relations Following Fukushima Relief Efforts
Jack Barber JFK's Questionable Tactics in the Cuban Missile Crisis
Radioactive Waste Disposal
Christopher Barry Advancements in Boiling Water Nuclear Reactors
A Comparative Analysis of Fission Moderators
Tristan Beck Britain vs Scotland: The Geopolitics of Nuclear Armament
J. Robert Oppenheimer: Life and Work
Dylan Bedford Peak Uranium and the Sustainability of Nuclear Energy
The Atomic Age in the United States
Daniel Berrios The SL-1 Nuclear Incident
North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Capabilities
Thomas Blackwood U.S. Public Opinion of Nuclear Energy In the Wake of Three Mile Island
A Brief Discussion of Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors
Madeline Bradshaw The New START Treaty
1983 Nuclear False Alarm
William Brown Ethics of the United States Bombing of Japan
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks I
Justin Buck The Globalization Effects of UAE Nuclear Energy
Radioactive Sheep
Kathryn Bunner Nuclear Power and the Navajo Reservation
How Cyber Security Impacts the Nuclear Industry
Evan Burke A Survey of France's Nuclear Energy Program
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
Scott Buttinger The Kyshtym Disaster
Teo Camacho Geological Radiodating
The Controversy of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant
Kyra Carusa Iran's Nuclear Program
The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
Harrison Caruthers MIT's Floating Nuclear Power Plant
Tick Tock: Fossil Fuel Reserve Estimates
Christian Castellanos German Nuclear Dismantlement
Nuclear Weapons Testing Aftermath
Jack Chabolla International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)
US Nuclear Triad Overview
Brian Chaffin North Carolina Nuclear
PWR Reactor Coolant Flow
Dennis Chang Nuclear Power in Argentina
The Trinity Test
Hanna Chang Radiation-induced Childhood Thyroid Cancer After the Chernobyl Accident
Anti-Nuclear Movement in France
James Chenevey French Nuclear Phaseout
Hanford Waste Cleanup
Claudia Cheng Nuclear Weapons in Pakistan
Protests Against Nuclear Waste Project in China
Madie Chou Hinkley Point C
Akkuyu in Turkey
Patrick Conaton New Zealand's Nuclear History
Nuclear New York: Indian Point
Nico Corti Nuclear Power in Belarus
Nuclear Event Scale
Tatyanna Dadabbo Windscale and its Underlying Effect on the Milk Supply
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Tritium Incident
Constantin Dory Wendelstein 7-X
German Nuclear Waste
Ryan Dudzinski The Tokaimura Criticality Accident of 1999
Saint Laurent Nuclear Accidents and their Implications
Penelope Edmonds The Ethics of Nuclear Waste
Ethics of Nuclear Plant Locations
Grace Farley Origins of the Anti-Nuclear Movement in Australia
Decommissioning the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
Henri Fernandez North Korean Weaponry
Yongbyon Nuclear Plant
Helen Gambrah The Promise of a Nuclear Power Plant in Ghana
Mental Heath Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
Michael Genender The Cuban Missile Crisis: The Brink of Nuclear War
North Korea's Nuclear Menace
William Genesen Nuclear-Free Oklahoma
Carbon Taxes
Qinyi Geng Fukushima's China Impact
California Nuclear Waste
Tito Gomez-Franco Yucca Mountain
Nuclear Energy in Mexico
Walter Goodwin Radiation Dose Assessment
Zaragoza Radiotherapy Accident
Jim Grace The Need for Nuclear Energy in Texas
Is Deregulation a Problem for New Nuclear?
Elisa Graue Art Inspired by Japanese Nuclear Warfare
Effect of Nuclear Disasters on Animals and Insects
Jeremy Guo Fukushima Government Response
Chien-Shiung Wu and Her Contributions to Nuclear Physics
Siddharth Gupta North Dakota's Nuclear Presence
Nuclear in Popular Culture
Matthew Gutwald The Elephants Foot of Chernobyl
Marshall Islands Nuclear Testing and Health Affects
Cate Guyman Nuclear Power in Film: Influencing Public Opinion
United States Human Radiation Experiments
Serena Harber Small Nuclear Reactors: Background, Potential Applications, and Challenges
Nuclear Medical Imaging and the Anger Scintillation Camera
Connor Hasson Fallout from Nuclear Phaseout in Germany
Joachimsthal Uranium Mine
Qingping He Large Helical Device
The MIT ARC Reactor
Henry Hirshland ITER Technical Details
Sig Hecker on Nuclear North Korea
Rosemond Ho Nuclear Power and Energy Security
Leo Szilard and the Nuclear Power Patent
Colton Hock Radioactive Waste Management
In-Situ Leach Mining of Uranium
Nico Hoerner Nuclear Threat Psychology
Adul Qadeer Khan - The Father of Pakistan's Nuclear Bomb
Erik Holmvik Augmentation of Traditional Uranium Nuclear Fuel Cycles with Thorium
Feasibility of Civilian Nuclear Marine Propulsion
Franklin Huang Dry Cask Storage Systems
Muon Catalyzed Fusion
Alison Jahansouz Chernobyl Site Shield
Nuclear Plus Desalination
Neil Jain UK Nuclear Program
Stuxnet and the Future of Zero Day Exploits
Aaron Jones Current State of the U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry
Ocean Dumping of Nuclear Waste
Clay Jones Aging Plant Modernization
Supercritical Water Reactors
Jack Jones The Reliability of Uranium-235
Uranium Seawater Extraction
Lily Katz Nuclear Containment Building Stability
Nuclear Power Startups
Connor Kennedy Logistics of Uranium Mining
21st Century East Asian Nuclear Geopolitics
Grace Kennedy U.S. India Nuclear Deal
Nonproliferation Treaty History
Diana Kim Fukushima's Damage to Japan's Power Industry
Building a Nuclear Plant
Kye Kim Nuclear Communication with General Public
Measurement of Food Fallout Safety
Simon Kim Nuclear Byproducts and Management Strategies
Future Prospectives and Expectations of KSTAR Fusion
Bradley Knox South Africa Nuclear
European Union Nuclear Weapons Program
Mitchell Kogan Nuclear Power During the Cold War
How Energy Use Might Look In The Future
Léa Koob Nuclear Waste Composition
Nuclear Waste Classification
Gil Kornberg Israeli Nuclear
South African Nuclear Weapons
Emily Koufakis Genetic Effects of the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Future of China's Nuclear Industry
Reed Kraus Modern Pressurized Water Reactor Safety Systems
Naturally Occurring Nuclear Fission Reactors
Ashwin Kumar Experimental Breeder Reactors I and II
The Impact of Klaus Fuchs on the Nuclear Arms Race
Kitty Kwan Nuclear in the Developing World
Long-term Effects of Nuclear Radiation
Josh Lange Vela Incident
Israeli Nuclear Ambiguity
Foster Langsdorf The Flynn Effect
Coal Radioactivity Emissions
Travis Lanham To Deep Space and Beyond: Nuclear Electric Rockets
Diamonds are Forever: Nuclear Diamond Batteries
Geoffrey Lewis Fossil Fuel vs. Nuclear Energy
French Nuclear Testing in Mururoa
Daniel Le Radiation Therapy for Cancer
Propaganda Campaigns During the Cold War
Andrew Liang Nuclear Energy in California
Castle Bravo
Xochitl Longstaff The Health and Environmental Impact of Uranium Mining
The Argonne National Laboratory
Johnowen Lowe Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety
Savannah River Site
Daniel Lowet Fleurus Belgium Nuclear Incident
K-19 Nuclear Submarine 1961 Incident
Jonathan Mak Nuclear Power Treaties
Nuclear Safety in the United States
William Mangram The Future of Hydrogen
The Prometheus Project
Bryce Marion Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Gamma Knife Surgery
Nikolas Martelaro Rutherford's Experiment to Understand β-Rays
Turning Nuclear Weapons into Nuclear Power
Diba Massihpour Food Irradiation
Radioactive Cobalt Therapy
Colin McCall The Atomic Energy Commission
Brazil's Struggles With and Corruption in Nuclear Power
Skyler McLean Radioactive Tracer Use
Germicidal Radiation Technology in Water Membranes
Lillian Mecum Irène Joliot-Curie
The Women of the Manhattan Project
Jesse Min North Korea's Asymmetric Attack on South Korea's Nuclear Power Plants
The Sunshine Policy of South Korea
Molly Mitchel Fate of Pripyat
The Three Mile Island Accident's Impact on U.S. Nuclear Industry
Nathaniel Morris Church Rock Spill
Naval Nuclear School
Scott Morris U.S. Exports in the Global Nuclear Energy Market
Nuclear Powered Aircraft
Evgeny Moshkovich Chernobyl Accident and the Aftermath
Russia's Nuclear Weaponry
Maggie Nick The International Atomic Energy Agency: Threat of Radiation
Nuclear Arms Race During the Cold War
Junwon Park Review and Preview of Nuclear Battery Technology
United States Nuclear Arsenal Security
KiJung Park Nuclear Worker Health
Process of Building Nuclear Power Plant
Genevieve Payzer Nuclear Age Children
Nazi Sterilization Experiments
Sam Perry The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
Rocky Flats Fire
Kevin Rakestraw San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
The Future Of U.S. Nuclear Energy
Aaron Rios Nuclear Medicine Imaging
(Nuclear) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Eddy Rosales Chavez The Global Significance of Chernobyl
North Korea's Nuclear Politics
Alejandro Rosenkranz Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
A.Q. Khan
Jean-Baptiste Ruffio What Future for Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTG)?
European Pressurized Reactor (EPR)
Peter Russo Trojan Nuclear Power
The Geiger Counter
Justin Sao The Evolution of Nuclear Energy in Japan and Germany
Nuclear Power in Emerging NPP Countries
Dylan Sarkisian Effect of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on Japanese Ecosystems
Nuclear Graphite Research Needs in the 21st Century
Chris Sebastian Robert Emmett Ginna Nuclear Power Plant
Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (SORT)
Aarush Selvan The Early Years of Nuclear Energy in Britain
Dealing with Britain's Nuclear Waste
Sydney Shaw Advantages of Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR)
Diablo Canyon Plant
Wayne Sheu Nuclear Energy Gain and Risk
Nuclear Medicine Therapy: Treatment with Unsealed Radionuclides
Henry Shimp Effects to the Human Body From Nuclear Fallout
The Rise and Fall of Sellafield
Monika Sivilli Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant
George Sivulka An Introduction to the Evidence for Stellar Nucleosynthesis
Experimental Evidence for the Structure of the Atom
Charles Skolds The Marvels and Problems Associated with Nuclear Submarines
Project Alberta: A Division of the Manhattan Project
Ryan Smith Tactical Nuclear Weaponry: Deterrent or Danger?
"Loose Nukes" and the Threat of Nuclear Terror
Sandy Smith Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant
Enrico Fermi
John Solitario Nuclear Waste Management in Japan
Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant
John Stayner Is Nuclear Fusion a Proliferation Risk?
How Do We Model the Sun?
Maggie Steffens Changing the Connotation of Nuclear
Radiation Overdose in Costa Rica, 1996
Matthew Stevens Environmental Impacts of Uranium Mining
Soviet Radioactive Waste Disposal on the Seafloor
Kyle Stowers Swiss Nuclear Controversy
Media Coverage of Nuclear Power
John Henry Styles III The AP1000: A Pressurized Water Reactor
Nuclear Power Plant Water Usage and Consumption
Andrew Summerville Cell Phone Radiation vs. Nuclear Radiation
Cheyenne Mountain Complex
Joe Sunde Material Corrosion in Molten Salt Reactors
Passive Heat Removal
Arul Suresh Should You Bring an Oncologist to Mars?
Atoms in the Garden
Lena Tarhuni Toshiba's Losses in the Nuclear Energy Business
UK Nuclear Power
Aron Tesfai Assessing the Prospect for Nuclear Energy in Alaska
Blue Castle Project
Shashwat Udit Operation Plowshare
The Triple Alpha Process
Chae Uhm Nuclear Preparedness in Japan
Government Struggles with Nuclear Weapons
Cameron Van de Graaf The Economics of Nuclear Plant Shutdowns
Plant Vogtle Reactors 3 and 4: A Case Study in Challenges for US Nuclear Construction
Julian Villalpando Nuclear Space Propulsion
Cars: Nuclear vs Electric
Charlie Walker Nuclear Energy in Canada: Past and Present
Nuclear Accidents and Sleep Deprivation
Peter Wang Laser Isotope Separation For Nuclear Energy
La Hague Nuclear Recycling and Reprocessing Plant
Jean-Luc Watson Future of Fast Ignition Fusion
Safety and Security Considerations in Nuclear Waste Transportation
Keith Weisenberg France vs. USA
Turkey Point Nuclear Generating System
Sam Werner A History of Nuclear Weapon Storage in Montana
Nuclear Waste Technologies
Maeve White Impact of Nuclear Arsenals on India-Pakistan Relations
Radiation in Agriculture
Tyreke White Poland's Present Outlook on Nuclear Energy
The Curious Case of Radiotrophic Fungi
Emily Xie Effects of Radiation on Seed Survival and Germination
Lise Meitner
Bayian Yahya Medical Applications of Nuclear Diamonds
External Pulsed Plasma Propulsion Engine
Allen Yu The Inception of the Manhattan Project
CANDU Reactor Design
Claire Zau Financing of Nuclear Power Plants: Traditional Government Funding and the Alternative Methods
Nuclear Pumped Lasers and the Strategic Defense Initiative