Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2017
R. B. Laughlin


Opemipo Akerele Solar Energy and Urban Infrastructure in Nigeria
The Nigerian Petroleum Industry and its Health Implications
Tim Anderson Solar Energy and Oil Recovery
States of Fear and Nuclear Energy
Michelle Bach Photosynthetic Bacteria to Power the Heart
Renewable, Low-Cost, Human Powered Centrifuge
James Bai Pacemaker Battery Longevity
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Crisis
Joe Begovich Nuclear Waste in Idaho
The Clean Power Plan
Mason Black Powering a Colony on Mars
Debunking the Death Star
Chas Blakemore Harnessing Zero-Point Energy
Hand-Painted Organic Photovoltaics
Quinn Brodey Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Oil Industry
Urban Design to Mitigate Urban Heat Islands
William Brown Failed BONUS in Puerto Rico
Renewable Energy in Puerto Rico
Frank Buncom IV The Rise of Solar Energy
The Challenges of Producing Biofuel from Algae
Evan Burke Renewable Energy in Ireland
The Future of Japanese Energy Post-Fukushima
Scott Buttinger Falling Oil Prices and the Effect on the Canadian Oil Sands
South Australian Power Issues and the World's Largest Battery
Mary Caballero Hydraulic Fracturing
Diesel Vehicles and the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
Cody Carlton The Sharing Economy in our Modern Society
Solar Power as an Option for Renewable Energy in Hawaii
Dennis Chang The Renewable Energy Ecosystem in Latin America
Solar Energy in China
Hanna Chang Changes in Energy Policy in South Korea
Analysis of the Benefits and Limits of Biofuel
Davis Chhoa Passenger Aircraft Efficiency
Solar Electrification of Rural Cambodia
Madie Chou Solar Forecasting
The EU's Push Towards Zero Energy Buildings
Jack Dreyer Generating Electricity from Distillery Wastewater
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Offshore Wind Farms
Evan Enriques Hawai'i: Leading the World in Solar Energy
Geothermal Energy on the Big Island
Laura Feigen The Aesthetics of Sustainable Energy
Indoor Air Pollution and its Respiratory Health Impacts on Women and Children
Henri Fernandez The Bhopal Disaster
Ixtoc I Oil Spill
Boomer Fleming India's Emerging Energy Storage Market
Energy Poverty Across the Globe
Meg Gerli Agricultural Uses of Drones
Post Hurricane Power
Jeffrey Granja Extracting Geothermal Energy from a Supervolcano
Using Cryo-Electron Microscopy to Elucidate Biological Macromolecules
Siddharth Gupta The Rise of Solar Power in India
Formula 1 Car Power Units
Connor Hasson The Past and Future of Coal as an Energy Source
German Natural Gas and the Nord Stream 2
Ares Hernandez Norway's Election and Its Implications for Energy Policy
2017 US Tax Reform Legislation and Energy
May Hlaing The Push to Cut Nuclear Energy in France
Seismic Studies in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Franklin Huang Biomass Energy: Poop
Solar Powered Home
Michael Humphrey Harvesting Energy from Evaporation to Power the US
California's Future with Renewable Energy
Jae Hyun Kim Deep Learning for the Energy Cloud
Decoupling of Economy from Fossil Fuels
Emily Koufakis The Jiuquan Wind Power Base
The Impact of The Electric Vehicle
Jesse Kuet Hydroelectric Power in China
Sea Energy Potential in South Korea
Travis Lanham Powering the Cloud: Energy Trends in Datacenters
Policy Prescriptions for Encouraging Nuclear Energy
Brett Larsen Evaluating Evaporation as a Potential Renewable Energy Source
Blockchain Technology and Distributed Energy Grids
Juan Leis-Pretto Regenerative Braking
Hydropower in India
Andrew Liang Wireless Charging
Offshore vs. Onshore Wind Power
Evan Long Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers and Impacts
The Challenges of Space-Based Solar Power
William Marshall Enhanced Weathering
Bryan McLellan Solar Powered Aviation
The Dakota Access Pipeline
Richard McNitzky Drilling for Oil in Somalia
Black Gold, the Danger of Drilling for Oil in the Lone Star State
Chandler Mores Wind Energy in Iowa
The Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis and Lead Poisoning
Nathaniel Morris Geothermal Power Plants in Costa Rica
Converting Algae to Energy
Muzzammil Muhammad Shittu North Korea: Nukes or Kilowatts?
Nigeria's Energy Sector and Refinery Future
Lauren Murphy Arizona, California, and Solar Energy Storage
Princess Elisabeth Antarctica: An Energy Station
Ian Naccarella LaNi5H6 and Similar Alloys for Hydrogen Storage
Polyrotaxane Binders for Silicon Anodes in Li-Ion Batteries
Ronjon Nag Changing the Reflectivity of Clouds to Reduce Global Warming
The Energy Physics of the Pistol Shrimp
Regina Nguyen Tesla's Solar Roof
The World's First Floating Wind Farm
Emil Noordeh Leapfrogging Dirty Energy in Developing Nations
Energy Derivatives
Gigi Nwagbo Oil Pollution in the Niger Delta
Renewable Energy in Nigeria
Sanghyeon Park Ionocraft: Electrohydrodynamic Ion-Propelled Aircraft
Electrostatic Precipitator: An Electric Air Filter
Emanuel Pinilla Reversible Computing and Data Centers for Efficient Computing
The Future of Renewable Energy in Colombia
Collin Riccitelli Impacts of Damming the Columbia River
Harnessing the Ocean's Energy
Arturo Rojas Boom to Bust: Germany's Solar Industry
Preventing Thermal Runaway in Batteries
Persiana Saffari Biology's Quantum Leap: Dissecting A Modern Hypothesis for Mutation
Proton Beam Cancer Therapy
Sydney Shaw Solar Energy in the United States
Hydroelectric Power in California
Charles Skolds Indonesia's Marine Energy Program
Wind Energy's Impact on Wildlife Conservation
Martina Sly Semi-Solar Powered Cars are the Future
A Win-Win: Can a Green Energy Source Stop Natural Disasters?
Sadaf Sobhani The Link Between Climate Change Mitigation and Poverty Alleviation
Carbon Capture and Storage in Power Generation
Millie Stefanowicz Net-Zero Buildings
Solar Panel Efficiency
Jonathan Timcheck The Energy in Wildfires: the Western United States
The Energy Cost of a Roller Coaster Ride
John Toner Push to Renewables: Hawaii
Hydroelectricity In Hawaii
Ben Vierra Solar Energy in California
The Impact of the Paris Climate Agreement
Charlie Walker Hydro-Québec: Lessons in Renewable Energy
Hydroelectricity and Development: The Cahora Bassa Dam
Derek Wang Upconverting Materials for Photocatalysis
Co-Sensitized Organic Dyes for Solar Cells
Keith Weisenberg Hurricane Waste in Florida as Energy
The Hydrogen Car
Misha Wilcockson The Game Theory of OPEC
The Physics of Rowing
Brandon Wulff Mining the Moon
Osmotic Power
Michelle Xiao Saving the Ozone Layer
Turning Cow Manure into Energy
Allen Yu Graphene Battery as Energy Storage
Data Center Design and its Energy Consumption