Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2016
R. B. Laughlin


Charles Akin-David USA Nuclear Power
USA Nuclear Power Risks
Salem Aldousary Nuclear Energy Potential Uses in Saudi Arabia
Nuclear Fusion: An Abundant Source of Energy and Recent Developments
Joey Alfieri Three Mile Island Accident and Human Error
The Portrayal of Nuclear Power in Media
Muhammad Almajid Iran Nuclear Deal Effects on the Gulf Area
Emirates' Nuclear Power
Tim Anderson Oppenheimer's Dilemma
The Tragedy of the Radium Girls
Brendon Austin Russian Nuclear Policy
Nuclear Power Industry in Illinois
Danny Bankman X-rays and the Subatomic World
Radiation Hardening in Scaled CMOS
Nikhil Basutkar Iraqi Nuclear History
Nuclear Terrorism
Caroline Beaudoin The Myth of the Atomic Bomb
Peaceful Nuclear Guidelines in Space
Mary Caballero The Chernobyl Disaster
Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radioactivity
Miguel Camacho-Horvitz The Rise of 21st Century Nuclear Tech
Chile Nuclear Power
Joab Camarena India Nuclear Power Expansion
Radiating Food
Bethany Chaffin Nuclear Cyber Hacking
New START Treaty
Calvin Chandler II Columbia Generating Station
Palo Verde Generating Station
Evelyn Chang The Road to Recovery: Japan after Fukushima
Nuclear Waste Bioremediation
Vincent Chen The Manhattan Project for Modern Energy Needs
Public Perception of Nuclear Energy
Jack Craddock III The Shippingport Atomic Power Station
Nuclear Power in Space: The TOPAZ Reactor
Catherine Dawson Exploring Nuclear Energy in South Africa
Understanding Turkish Nuclear Energy
Christopher DiOrio The Megatons to Megawatts Program
Evolution of Naval Reactor Design
John Dodaro Transatomic Power
Heavy Water Breeding
Joel Dominguez Nuclear Powered CCS and EOR
Surviving a Nuclear Blast
Catherine Dong The Environmental Impact of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
Long-term Health Effects of the Atomic Bombings in Japan
Tom Fawcett Nuclear Conflict Consequences
Nuclear Energy: A Future for Spain
Dominick Francks Nuclear Development in France
Possible Paths to Viable Nuclear Fusion
Jay Fuster Nuclear Powered Cargo Ships
Atomic Bomb Genetics
Ryan Gaertner Nuclear Power in the United States
The Atomic Energy Act
Yale Goldberg Seams Like the Ball is Different
Project Alberta
Meghana Golla Radioisotopes in Cancer Diagnostics
Efforts to Cure Radiation Sickness
Isabel Gueble The Accompanying Safeties and Risks of Thorium Fuel
Application of Nuclear Batteries Outside of Space Exploration
Lena Hong American Anti-Nuclear Activism in the 1970s
Alternative to Nuclear Plants in India
Tanvi Jayaraman Rajasthan Atomic Power Station I and II: History, Structure, and Impact
Gendered Perceptions of Nuclear Armament, War, and Energy
Bryant Johnson Politics of Nuclear Expansion in Georgia
Nuclear Forensics
Steven Kaiser Green Nuclear: Climate Economics
Nuclear Histories of France and Japan
Peter Kalambayi Nuclear Energy in South Africa
The Mcguire Nuclear Power Station
Anjan Katta Future Portable X-Ray Imaging
Tri Alpha Energy: Promising or Crazy Nuclear Fusion Startup?
John Keller Nuclear Waste Management in United States
Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors in the United States
Asad Khaliq Informing the Nuclear Debate
Nuclear Energy Policy: Investment vs. Divestment
Sharon Kim Partial Test Ban Treaty
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
Grace Klaris Oil's Replacement? The New Outlook for U.S. Nuclear Energy
The Future of Nuclear Medicine
Caleb Kumar Commercial Nuclear Energy Production and Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Fuel Management
Hailey Kwon North-South Korea Relations From Nuclear Threats
Commercialization of Supercritical Water Oxidation
Abigail Lebovitz Chernobyl and its Political Implications
Multigated Acquisition Scan
Mariah Lee Kyshtym Nuclear Accident
Radiographic Testing Using X-Rays
Sunmi Lee The Future of Nuclear Power as an Energy Resource
Nuclear Agriculture
Bryan Li Yucca Mountain: A Case-Study in Political Treatment of Nuclear Waste
Recent Developments in Chinese Nuclear Energy
Dallas Lloyd San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
Paluel Nuclear Power Plant
Zach Long Economics of Nuclear Power as an Energy Source
Overview of U.S. Nuclear Treaties
Caitlin Lu China's Nuclear Policy
Six Party Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Program
Matt Mahowald Designing Floating Nuclear Plants
NATO's Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Christian McCaffrey Area 51 Nuclear Testing
Colorado: The History of Nuclear Energy
Patrick McFadden History of Uranium
Nuclear Energy in Minnesota
Zachary Meza NASA's NTREES and Nuclear Thermal Rocketry
Carter at Chalk River
Kelly Myers The Radioactivity of Natural Waters
Nuclear vs. Fossil
Victoria Nguyen European Responses to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
Mass Spectrometry
Darian Orozco Integral Fast Reactor Inherent Safety Features
The Future of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant
Kevin Palma Hiroshima: Urban Development Post Impact
United Nations: Nuclear Policy
Michael Ramadan Health Consequences of Chernobyl
The Economics of German Nuclear Power
Michelle Ramadan Chernobyl Accident Events
The Windscale Fire
Greg Ramel Nuclear Accident Psychology
Uranium Mining
Aditya Sarkar Malpractice in the Prehistory to the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Disaster
Reasons for the High Development Cost for Nuclear Power Plants
Dalton Schultz Reactor Thermal Management
Power Plant Protocol
Sylvie Sherman The Accident at Three Mile Island
Indian Point Plant
Justin Stein Fungal Nuclear Remediation
Nuclear Energy in the United Kingdom
Alex Stephanus Nuclear Power in Russia
RBMK Reactors
Trey Strobel Demilitarization of Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Development Costs
Brandon Sutter Unstable Isotopes
Operation Opera
Cara Ta The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty
The Treaty of Tlateloco
Greg Taboada New Potential Energy from Evaporation
Low Natural Gas Prices Squeeze Nuclear Energy Expansion
Fran Tew Is the Fusion-Fission Hybrid Necessary?
The Future of Pebble Bed Reactors
Tai Thomas Advantages of Nuclear Energy Use
Nuclear Powered Vehicles
Anthony Tsodikov Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands
Nuclear Power in Sweden
Jeremy Uang SPECT Instrumentation and Radionuclides
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
Ondrej Urban Health Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident
Nuclear Energy in Germany
Zoe White Positron Emission Tomography
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
David Wilczynski Nuclear Desalination
Hinkley Point Power
Gregory Wolk Radiation Portal Monitors
St. Louis's Scandalous Nuclear History
Jessica Xu The Atomic Bomb
Radiation Therapy
Evelyn Xue History of a Nuclear North Korea
Generation IV Nuclear Reactors
Alexander Yachanin The Future of U.S. Nuclear Submarines
Small Nuclear Reactors for Military Bases
Lita Yang Low Level Radiation on Human Health
Interfacing Nuclear Power Plants with Electric Grids
Joshua Yoon The Curious Story of the Muon-Catalyzed Fusion Reaction
Radithor: A Brief Study of Radioactive Quackery
Wonjin Yun Bill Gates's TerraPower
Nuclear Structural Aging
Georgy Zerkalov Comparative Analysis of Catastrophes in Fukushima and Chernobyl
The Nuclear Powered Icebreakers
Andy Zhao Oklo: Nature's Nuclear Reactor
India's Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons