Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2016
R. B. Laughlin


Iwnetim Abate Metal-Air Batteries: Promises and Challenges
Off-Grid Electricity in Africa
Jennifer Adams Radio-Frequency Optogenetics: Neural Stimulation
Biomass Hydrodeoxygenation
Florence Adewale Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel
Modern Energy Access
Muhammad Almajid Oil Reserves Uncertainties
Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Badr Al-Rumaih Understanding Energy Subsidies
Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia
Alec Arshavsky Contactless Power Transfer
Distributed Energy Generation
Moe Ayub Transmitting Solar Power From the World's Deserts
Battery-Powered Aviation
Corey Baird Artificial Photosynthesis
Game Day Energy
Jack Barber Denmark's Push Towards 100% Renewable Energy
Geothermal Energy in Australia
Christopher Barry Grid Development in Emerging Electricity Markets
Feed-in Tariffs: A Policy Mechanism for Renewable Energy Growth
Amir Bashti The Myth of VO2max
Facebook Wifi Drones: Expanding the reach of the Web
Nikhil Basutkar India's Energy Policy
Renewable Energy in Mexico
Caroline Beaudoin Risks of Artificial Tanning
Canadian Finds Fake Nuke
Bret Bonanni San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
LED Light Bulbs
Nora Brackbill The Effect of the Western Drought on the Hoover Dam Power Plant
The Energy of the Cloud
Matthew Brown Regenerative Braking Efficiency
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Kathryn Bunner The Security of Renewable Energy and the Electric Grid
Securing Electric Vehicles
JP Cannistraro Tidal Lagoons: The Most Feasible Source of Tidal Energy
Elastic Energy and The Kangaroo
Sean Cassady Pulse Detonation Engines
Internal Combustion Engines
Nico Corti Vehicle-to-Grid
Lightning Strike Effects
Mikey Diekroeger Boosted Electric Longboards
Safeco Field's LED Lighting System
Christopher DiOrio Department of Defense (DoD) Energy Management
Naval Nuclear Fuel Management
Constantin Dory Low-Energy Houses
Hydraulic Fracturing
Reinier Eenkema van Dijk Ocean Wave Energy
Airplane Efficiency
Harrison Enright Electric Car Batteries
Charlie Furrer The Economics of the Tesla Powerwall 2
Potential Energy: Exploring the Possibilities of Molten Salt Reactors
Sammy Gallagher Dakota Access Pipeline
Offshore Wind Farms
Michael Genender Solar-Energy in Canada: A Viable Long-Term Solution?
Petroleum Energy in Iran
William Genesen Denmark Wind Power
Solar Power in Japan
Jason Ginsberg Magnetic Confinement Fusion
The GEnx-2B67 Jet Engine
Jack Goodwin Extraterrestrial Fuel
California Energy Profile
Brad Hakes Natural Gas Liquids
Produced Water
Sarah Helgeson The Stanford Linear Accelerator
Wind Energy in Egypt
Tomas Hilliard-Arce Transfer of Energy When Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge
Debate on Uranium as a Sustainable Energy Source
Henry Hirshland Environmental Implications of Oil Spills
History of Electric Vehicles
Colton Hock Renewable Distributed Energy Generation: Solar Photovoltaic Power
Renewable Energy Certificates
Erik Holmvik Feasibility of Geothermal Heating for Consumer Homes
The XN-1 LaWS: A Promising Leap?
Colin Hyatt Food Energy: The Invisible Energy Sink Behind What's on Your Plate
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Trevor Hyman The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Energy and South Korea
Vijaysinh Jadhav Global Warming Potential
Renewable Energy in India
Neil Jain Wind Energy Workings and Benefits
Solar Energy in the UK
Taylore Jaques The Nuclear Energy Dilemma
Formula One Engine Efficiency
Craig Jones The Hyperloop Explained
Offshore Drilling
Jack Jones Environmental Issues Associated With Hydroelectric Power
Carbon Tax Revenue Use
John Keller Oil Drilling Techniques
Tidal Power
Matt Klassen Solar Roadways
Spherical Sun Power Generator
Bradley Knox The Tesla Gigafactory
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Gil Kornberg The Past, Present and Future of Solar Power in Israel
Energy and the US Food System
Erik Kountz Cost and CO2 Emissions from Generating Electricity
Understanding MPG and MPGe
Sameer Kumar German Solar Power
Fossil-Free Sweden
Kitty Kwan Biofuels in Transportation
Three Gorges Dam: Consequences of Hydropower in China
Will La Dow Swedish Waste Disposal
Residential Net Metering
Josh Lange Harvesting the Energy from Bicycles
Energy of the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conduit
Mariah Lee Why Germany Went Green
Candles Causing Cancer
Geoffrey Lewis Dams, Hydropower, and Humans
Powering Hawai'i
Zheng Liang Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide into Useful Fuels
Next Generation Litium-Sulfur Batteries
Olivia Liautaud China's Energy Plans
Sustainability of the Olympics Games
Gracia Mahoney Carbon Capture and Storage
Corporate Responsible Energy Policy
Aloysius Makalinao Philippine Geothermal Future
Geothermal Versatility Benefits
Bryce Marion Large Scale Energy Conservation
Viability of Passive Solar Homes
Nicholas Martelaro Energy Use in US Steel manufacturing
Powering the Stanford Torus
Colin McCall Energy of Rice Milling
Underwater Power Cables
Sean McLaughlin Room Temperature Superconductors and Energy
Terraforming Mars: Fanfare or Feasible?
Victor Miller Why We Flare
Obstacles to Natural Gas in China
Brian Mok Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
Types of Batteries Used for Electric Vehicles
Warren Morningstar The Physics of Solar Concentration
Efficient Extraction of Energy Using a Black Hole
Evgeny Moshkovich Russia's Energy Plan
Energy Efficiency of the Moscow Metro
Brian Nana-Sinkam On Waste-to-Energy: How It Works and Where It's Going
Asteroid Mining ... Not Just Science Fiction
Maggie Nick The Dangers of X-Rays
Energy and GDP in Nigeria
Laura Padilla Barriers to Residential Solar
U.S. State-Level Carbon Regulation
Kevin Palma Urban Sustainability
Kern County Fracking
Nikhil Parthasarathy Managing Energy Resources Using the Smart Grid
Cybersecurity and the US Energy Grid
Armin Pourshafeie The Jury is Out on the Energy Impact of Self-driving Vehicles
The Cost of a U.S.-Mexico Border Wall
Michelle Ramadan Solar Cars
Renewable Energy in the Military
Justin Roberto Tesla's Vision for the Future After Acquisition of SolarCity
Apple Inc. Takes Huge Step Towards 100% Renewable Energy Consumption
Spencer Rogers Carbon Taxes
Carbon Pricing in California
Wayne Sheu The Solar Economics Discrepancy
Examining Lithium-Ion Battery Explosions
Grant Sivesind Geothermal Energy in Iceland
The Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant
Drew Skundrich Russian Stadium Energy and Sustainability
Ford Sustainability
Cody Smith Grid Battery Storage Options
Geothermal Energy in Mexico
Sandy Smith Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?
The Energy Costs of Living
Matthew Sorensen Limitations of Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Athabasca Oil Sands: Basic Extraction and Economics
Marco Stanchi Developing-Nation Energy
Solar Energy in Wealthy and Poor Countries
Matthew Stevens Human Body Heat as a Source for Thermoelectric Energy Generation
Limitations to Solar Energy Expansion
Helen Stroheker Energy in Norway
LEED Certification and Y2E2
Andrew Summerville Sondors Electric Bikes
Algae Biofuels
Kawin Surakitbovorn Wireless Power Efficiency
Litz Wire
Zack Swafford Transformer Losses
The Environmental Effects and Energy Costs of Indoor Farming
Greg Taboada European Nuclear Waste Recycling and Transmutation
Untapped Cuban Oil
Lena Tarhuni Paris Climate Accord
Solar-Powered Planes
Aron Tesfai Assessing the Prospect for Wind Power in Africa
Nuclear Energy in Brazil
Fran Tew The Nuclear Triad
Three Types of Concentrating Solar Panel Systems
Tai Thomas Thunder vs. Lightning
Energy Kites
Matthew Thornton The Efficacy of Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century
Developing Country Renewables
Stephanie Tran Energy Efficiency in Transportation
The Proposed Californian Bullet Train
Valerie Troutman Offshore Wind Energy is Critical for the Future of Renewable Energy in the U.S.
Unmanned Solar Powered Aircraft
Gabriel Vega Computation, Energy-Efficiency, and Landauer's Principle
The Brain as an Efficient Model for Computation
Peter Wang Impact of Electrical Vehicle Adoption on the Grid
Catalysts in 21st Century Energy
Alastair Wee The Dyson Sphere
How to Put Things in Space
Kyle Weikert Lithium Battery Dangers: Past and Present
The Future of Solar: Tesla's Mission for Energy Independence
Sam Werner Lithium-Ion Smart Phone Batteries
Futuristic Advantages of Google Glass
Maeve White Effect of Wind Turbines on Bird Mortality
Geothermal Home Heating
Grady Williams Solar Thermal Energy at the Ivanpah Power Facility
Clean Energy in Costa Rica
Reagan Williams US Nuclear Energy Direction
Return to the Moon
Joshua Yoon Debunking Perpetual Motion
The Benefits and Downsides of Methane