Iranian Nuclear Sites

Aziz Shittu
March 15, 2015

Submitted as coursework for PH241, Stanford University, Winter 2015


Fig. 1: Iranian Nuclear Sites [1] (Source: CRS, courtesy of the U.S. Congress)

In 2003 the IAEA bulked up its efforts for nuclear inspections. [1] This is where they confirmed that there were several undeclared nuclear sites in Iran. So in 2004 the IAEA conducted reports of each of these undeclared nuclear sites. [1] From the article CRS Report for Congress by Hussein D. Hassan suggested, "Iran has a long list of known and suspected nuclear facilities. Many analysts raised serious questions regarding the character of Iran's nuclear research, development, and production facilities." [1] Here are a list of now declared nuclear sites by the IAEA. Fig. 1 shows the location of the following Iranian Nuclear sites [1].

Declared Nuclear Sites

The State of Iran's Nuclear Programs

The worry regarding Iran's development of these nuclear sites and especially with Tehran is that they are collecting resources from out of country with the worry being they are developing some sort of nuclear weapon. [2] The ability of Tehran to produce these resources in lab is cause for a greater amount of concern. [2] "Tehran is apparently running out of foreign- supplied uranium oxide and, although Iran is producing more of the material from indigenously mined uranium, it has not yet transferred any indigenously produced uranium oxide to its uranium conversion facility." [2]

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