Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2015
R. B. Laughlin


Idris Ahmed Energy in Developing Nations
Energy Claims of Biking to Work
Salem Aldousary Role of Surfactant Flooding in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Water Injection Below the Bubble Point Pressure with Voidage Replacement Ratio < 1
Rosco Allen Fracking Technology Improvements
Power Plant Cost
Kevin Anderson African Solar Power
Wind Energy in Kauai
Arun Asundi Thermochemical Water Splitting by Ceria
Polymer Electrodes for Rechargeable Batteries
Brendon Austin Wyoming Wind Power
Colorado Solar Power
Danny Bankman Scaling up the Sublimation Heat Engine
Health Implications of RF Power Transmission
Darian Brooks Wireless Inductive Charging
Washington Renewable Energy
Michael Burnett Passive Radiative Cooling
Energy Storage and the California "Duck Curve"
Joab Camarena Solar Wind: A Possible Alternative
Modern Internal Combustion Engine
Yi Cao Catalytic Combustion
Protein Energy Landscape
Calvin Chandler II Thermal Regenerating Ammonia Batteries
The Grand Coulee Dam
Ling-Hsiang Chen Global Nitrogen Cycle and Excess Nitrogen
Aluminum Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Vincent Chen Piezoelectric Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Nanosystems
The Business and Politics of Nuclear Energy in the United States
Annabel Chew Organic Photovoltaics for a Greener Future
The Controversy Behind Fracking
Ved Chirayath The 2015 El Niño Event and the Battery in the Pacific
Solar Grid Parity in the United States
Conner Crane Oregon Geothermal Energy
Photovoltaic Technology: Cost Analysis
Nick Davidson Drain Water Heat Recovery
Air Conditioner and Water Heater Integration
John Dodaro Fischer-Tropsch Process
Molten Salt Storage
Joel Dominguez Mitigation of CO2 Emissions By Using Renewable Energy and Existing Technologies
Driving Energy Inefficiencies
Tom Fawcett Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Energy for the Future
Electric Cars
Jay Fuster The Debate over Turbocharging Supercars
The Role of Physics in Golf
Ryan Gaertner Solar vs. Traditional Energy in Homes
Electric Car: From Its Origin to Present Day Tesla Motors
Julian Girard Human Carbon Cycle Perturbation
Automotive Fuel History: Why Gasoline Beat Alcohol
Yale Goldberg A New Age In Batteries
Marine Energy: Will It Live up to Its Potential?
Nicholas Gray The TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline
New Hampshire Energy Profile
Fayadhoi Ibrahima Uncertainty Quantification in Energy
Machine Learning in Energy
Russ Islam Hyperspectral Imaging and its Applications
China's Contentious Rare Earth Elements Market
Asad Khaliq Electric and Autonomous Vehicle Security Concerns
Renewable Energy in Morocco and the Middle East
Caleb Kumar Carbon Nanotubes and Energy
Energy and Dystopia: Energy Returned on Invested
Abigail Lebovitz Hydraulic Fracking Tradeoffs
Coal: China and Beyond
David Llanos The Current Hydrogen Economy and Its Challenges
Stratospheric Aerosol Injection - Solar Radiation Management
Thomas Logan In Situ Heavy Crude Upgrading with Downhole Catalysts
Grape Pomace Biofuel Production
Eileen Martin Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Reservoir Monitoring
Energy Cost of Bay Area Mass Transit
Zaha Masri Waste to Energy in Jordan
Sustainable Energy Plans for Refugees
Patrick McFadden High-Altitude Power
Xcel Energy: Providing Energy to Power Lives
Britt Mikkelsen Geothermal Energy Benefits
Cost and Benefit Analysis of the Three Gorges Dam
Phoebe Morgan Transatomic Power
Solar Water Heating
Kelly Myers Waves in Motion
Carbon Tax
Alyssa Noll The Future of Algae Biofuel
A Methanol Economy
Quentin Perrot The Emergence of Electric Bikes in China
Green Meets Blue: The Emergence of Green Skyscrapers
Maciej Romanowicz Making the Most Out of a Jog
Transforming the World with Tesla
Alejandro Rosenkranz Hydropower in the United States
Geothermal Energy in Iceland
Aditya Sarkar Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems in Formula 1
Energy Entrepreneurship: The Rise and Fall of Airtricity
Dalton Schultz Tesla Engine Superiority
Solar Panel Powers
Sylvie Sherman Renewable Wind Debate
Radioactive Waste Dangers
Aziz Shittu Nigerian Energy
Renewable Energy In California
Justin Stein Geothermal Energy in Iceland
Desalination in Australia
Trey Strobel The Shale Gas Revolution
The Zero Energy Home
Brandon Sutter China's Hydrogen Trains
Greenhouse Gas Impacts
Chor Seng Tan Space-Based Solar Power
Small Modular Nuclear Reactors
Jason Ting Thorium Energy Viability
Texas Wind Energy
Kevin Tran Net Energy Metering and Residential Solar
Perovskite Solar Cells
Anthony Tsodikov Solar Electric Vehicles
SolarCity: Can It Survive?
Jeremy Uang Bacterial Cellulose Bioethanol Production
Development of Aluminum-ion Batteries
Ondrej Urban The A1 Nuclear Power Plant in Jaslovske Bohunice, Slovakia
Future of the Arctic Oil Reserves
Eric Verso The Energy of Food
Topsoil Erosion
Zoe White Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Tidal Energy
David Wilczynski Ice Energy: Theory vs. Real Life
Solar Powered Phone Chargers
Minna Xiao Germany's Energiewende
Europe's Wood Loophole
Jessica Xu Energy Savings Enabled By Smart Devices
The Chicxulub Impact: Impact Energy and Climate Change
Evelyn Xue Electric Vehicle Integration and Growth
The Tesla Powerwall
Lita Yang Data Center Energy Inefficiency
Electrical Interconnect Energy Overhead
Georgy Zerkalov Polymer Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Steam Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Andrew Zhao Silicon Solar Cells
Solid State Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries
Jie Zhao Silicon Battery Anodes
Lithium Metal Anodes