Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2014
R. B. Laughlin


Hadiseh Alaeian An Introduction to β-Ray Spectroscopy
An Introduction to Cherenkov Radiation
Hamza Aljamaan The Importance of Nuclear Energy to Saudi Arabia
US Nuclear Energy Outlook
Ross Allen Health Risks from Radioisotope-Powered Spacecraft
Radioisotope Thermal Rocket: The Mars Hopper Concept
Khalid Alnoaimi Nuclear Reactors in Developing Countries: The Peaceful Route
Xenon-135 Reactor Poisoning
Nathan Barnett Nuclear Waste Storage at Yucca Mountain
Chernobyl's Effect on Cancer Levels in Eurasia
Gabriela Bernal History of PET Scanners
Radiolabels Used as Radio-Pharmaceuticals for Nuclear Medicine
David Christensen How Much Worse Is Chernobyl Than Background Radiation?
Can Mini Reactors Be Mini Enough to Be "Safe?"
Mark Donohue Pokhran-I: India's First Nuclear Bomb
Pakistan's Nuclear Program
Marc Dunham Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Cycles for Generation IV Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear-Driven Thermal Ice Drilling
Andrea Eller Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) All Around Us
The Validity of Certain Myths About Food Irradiation
Colin Epperson Nuclear Energy During January's Polar Vortex
Joint Plan of Action: Interim Agreement Reached to Slow Iran's Nuclear Program
Matt Estrada Radiogenic Heat
Radium Dials and Radium Girls
Josh Francis Simple Model of Energetic Reactions
Inducing Cancer From Nuclear Decay Products
John Fyffe Anatomy of a Nuclear Accident: Fukushima Daiichi
Einstein was Right, Energy Equals Mass
Darren Handoko Small Modular Reactors
The National Ignition Facility
Alex Hughes Nuclear Catastrophe Avoidance in Boiling Water Reactors
Bias of Nuclear-Related Organizations
Kevin Hurlbutt Photon Residence Time in the Stellar Core
Nuclear Power in Cinema
Ruslan Iskhakov French Nuclear Energy
The Tsar Bomb
Alexander Liegl Fukushima's German Repercussions
Green Light for Poland's First Nuclear Power Program
Hoi Ng Radiation Detection of Air and Water in the United States
Dry Cask Storage
Shiv Parekh India's Three Stage Nuclear Program
Nuclear Waste Management
Yash Poddar Can Startups Make Nuclear Fusion Possible?
The Logistics of Radioactive Materials
Devon Powell Operation Plowshare
The Semipalatinsk Legacy
Danielle Rasooly Nuclear Greenhouse Emissions
Health Risks of Nuclear Power-Plant Accidents
Carol Regalbuto The Exergy of Nuclear Fuels and Nuclear Radiation
Past and Future Efforts to Extract Uranium from Seawater
Daniel Rehn Computational Research in Magnetic Confinement Fusion
Numerical Modeling of Core Disruption Accidents in Liquid Metal Breeder Reactors
Tyler Reid The USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
Nuclear Power at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Anirudh Tikkavarapu Towards a Decentralized Nuclear Future
Private Business Involvement in India's Nuclear Industry
Andrew Wendorff Potential Testing and Space Applications of Nuclear Thermal Rockets
German Nuclear Program Before and During World War II
Rick Zhang Design Considerations of Plasma Facing Components in Tokamak Fusion Reactors
Stereotactic Radiosurgery