Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2014
R. B. Laughlin


Hassan Aljama Saudi Arabia Domestic Energy Problem
Carbon-less World
Henry Anderson The Future of Electric Cars
Levi's Stadium Efficiency
Michael Anderson Algae as Biofuel
Biological Activity in Subsurface Reservoirs
Alex Blandino Tidal Power
Solar Thermal Energy
Natalie Burkhard American Garbage
Why Invent the Hyperloop?
Ashley Clark Defying Gravity: The Energy Required to Make the Movie Realistic
German Efficiency: The Energy Savings of a Conscientious Lifestyle
Carla Co US CO2 Emissions from Electricity Generation
Hydraulic Fracturing Facts
Alexandra Crerend Asteroid Mining
Graphene-Based Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zheng Cui When Is the Future for Synthetic Fuel?
Underground Coal Gasification
Noor Davis Tesla Hyperloop
Solar Powered Pool Management
Matthew DeGraw The Future of the Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center
Keystone XL Debate Update November 2014
Lucy Dikeou Ethanol Efficiency
Efficiency of Incandescent Light Bulbs Vs. Florescent Light Bulbs
Colin Epperson European Union Sets 2030 Energy Targets
United States as an Energy Superpower: The Role of Natural Gas
Alyssa Fujimoto Energy Harvesting Flooring
The Merits of Recycling
Oscar Galvan-Lopez Energy After Fossil Fuels
The Cost of Pumped Hydroelectric Storage
Dustin Gerrard High Altitude Tethering of Wind Turbines
Greater Energy Efficiency via Self-Driving Cars
David Heinz Small Scale Generation for Electrification of Rural and Remote Areas
Carbon Emissions From Electric Passenger Vehicles in the United States
John Ho Wireless Power Transfer
Glucose Fuel Cells
Charlie Hopkins Ecological Damage from Hydroelectric Power
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Future or Fool Cells
Kevin Hurlbutt Energetic Demands of Water Desalination by Reverse Osmosis
The Fate of the Morro Bay Power Plant
Mason Jiang Large Scale Energy Storage
Ultrafast Science and Energy
Rachel Kalick Off Shore Wind
Deep Water Drilling
Gautam Krishnamurthi Changes in Energy Production in the US
Three Gorges Dam: Power Generation, Economics, and Impact
Lo'eau LaBonta Human Energy Converted to Electricity
Mining Distresses Water
Louis Lambilliotte What Is The Future of Shale Oil & Gas?
How Green are Electric Cars?
Matthew Lebovitz The Russian - Ukrainian Gas Dispute
Divestment from Fossil Fuels
Alexander Liegl Peak Oil Theory
Deepwater Drilling
Hsiao-Hsuan Lin Vehicle Charging Stations
Energy Demand Management
Xinyan Liu Flexible Batteries: Status and Prospects
Lithium-Air Batteries: Liquid or Solid?
Dallas Lloyd Hydroelectricity in Brazil
Wind Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages
Rachel Marincola The Future of Oil
Powering Space Vehicles
Emily Mcmilin Powering Mobile Base Stations
Ambient RF Energy Harvesting
Bojan Milic Synthetic Biology and Whole-Cell Simulations
Bioremediation of Oil Spills
Reed Miller Wind Energy: Why We Don't Use It
Molten Air Batteries
Ty Montgomery Tar Sand Extraction
Hammarby Sjöstad Waste Collection
Kyle Murphy The Future of Solar Cars
Wind vs. Nuclear Energy
Kanthi Nagaraj Mars Mission Fuel
Onboard Hydrogen Storage in Light Vehicles
Kyle Olugbode Food Energy: Effect of Meat Consumption on Energy
Curtain Wall Efficiency
David Parry Coconut Oil Biofuel in the Pacific
Corn Ethanol Use in the Midwest
Morgan Pope Food-Miles and the Cost of Eating
Paperless Classrooms
Dean Poplawski Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and its Effect on Global Warming
Making Montana Renewable
Nick Rolston The Blue LED: Prospects for Next-Generation Lighting
Reliability of Organic Photovoltaics
Zhi Wei Seh Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Challenges and Solutions
Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts
David Sell Fiber Optic Power
Laser Gain
Prastuti Singh Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Power Grid Inefficiencies
Daniel Starwalt Heat + Water = Electricity?
Internal Combustion Four Stroke Motor
Arul Suresh An Efficient Future for Aviation?
Solar Roadways: The Roads of the Future?
Tyler Thorne U.S. Offshore Wind Energy
Landfill Gas Energy
Conrad Ukropina Stationary Fuel Cells: Reliable Back Up Power
Kerosene and Gasoline Flash Point
Rebecca Wolkoff How the Coal Industry Could Benefit from Large-Scale Energy Storage
Cost of Vehicle to Grid Energy Storage
Mengyao Yuan Rethinking Hydrogen
Managing Energy in Fertilizer Production and Use
Bobby Zarubin Cellulosic Ethanol: Environmentally Friendly, But Costly
Ocean Current Energy: Underwater Turbines