Physics of the Cell Phone

PH250 - Stanford University - Spring 2012
R. B. Laughlin


Salahodeen Abdul-Kafi US Spectrum Allocation
Mobile Tagging Systems
Doug Adams Regenerative Radio Receivers
Cognitive Radio: Advantages and Challenges
Sarkis Agaian Radio Energy Harvesting
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Shiv Agarwal Lightning Effect on Cell Phones
Indoor Positioning System (IPS) Using Mobile Device
Navid Chowdhury Rise of the Smartphone
Cell Phone as a Key to Economic Development
Claire Durkin SMS Text Messaging
Cell Phones and Cancer
Rahim Esfandyarpour Tunneling Field Effect Transistors
Quantum Computers
Ken Ferguson Fractal Antennas
The Effect of Cellular Devices on Male Infertility
Chris Goldenstein Multiplexing and the Capacity Crunch
Speech Recognition Software
Galym Imanbayev Current Practice and Potential of Telemedicine
Google's Project Glass
Shubhra Jain The Correlation Between Use of Cell Phones and Traffic Accidents
Effect of Cell Phone Radiation on Neurological Function
Justin Lee Siri Personal Assistant
Cellular Networks
Eric Johnston Quantifying Information: Entropy, Channel Capacity, and Error Correction
Fundamentals of Signals Processing
Kenny Kao Cell Phone Batteries
Cell Phone Usage and Cancer
Donish Khan A New Automobile Liability: Cell Phone
Wave of the Future: Soundwave, a New Cell Phone User Interface
Brannon Klopfer Tubes to Transistors: It's Not in the Numbers
Powering Mobile Devices
Suhas Kumar Fundamental Limits to Moore's Law
On the Thermoelectrically Pumped LED
Evan Lee CMOS Transistors: Physical Limits of Scalability
Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
Lay Kuan Loh Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory and Its Uses
Miniaturization of Xerography and Cell Phone Writing
Di Lu Cell Phone Radiation: Harmful or Not?
The Heart of a Phone Camera: The CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor
Nruthya Madappa Bio Mimetic Cell Phone Displays
Flexible Mobile Displays
Danielle Rasooly Bluetooth
GPS-Enabled Mobile Phones
Graham Roth Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Capacitive Touch Screens
Ashley Seni Power of the Human Voice
Organic Semiconductors in Tactile Sensor Technology