Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2012
R. B. Laughlin


Eric Adijanto Hazards of Depleted Uranium
Small Scale Nuclear Energy
Sanna Ali Radiation Oncology: Mechanism and Resistance
State of Iran's Nuclear Program
David Berryrieser Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors
Neutrino Detectors for Anti-Proliferation
Pranjal Bordia Thorium in India
CANDU Reactors
Navid Chowdhury Nuclear Energy For Developing Countries
Is Nuclear Energy Renewable Energy?
Sean Copeland The Role of Nuclear Energy in the Future of Human Spaceflight
The Deep Space Radiation Environment
Clara Druzgalski An Uncertain Future For the Generation of Nuclear Energy in California
The Fate of Yucca Mountain
Calvin Dsouza Nuclear Waste Management
Particle Accelerators
Claire Durkin Nuclear Powered Passenger Vehicles
Floating Nuclear Heat-and-Power Plants
Ken Ferguson Decline of Nuclear Engineering Programs in Universities
Uranium Extraction from Seawater
Jose Garcia The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository
Operation Castle and its Aftermath
Chris Goldenstein Powering the World with Nuclear Energy
Ecological Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster
Eli Goldstein Nuclear Waste Fundamentals
CO2 Emissions from Nuclear Plants
William Greenbaum Could the US Follow Germany?
State Spotlight: New Jersey
Peter Hong International Conventions on Transnational Nuclear Emergencies
Multilateral Nuclear Approaches
Chun-Kai Kao Nuclear Technology with Medical Applications
Nuclear Technology for Food - Food Irradiation
Donish Khan Innovations In Nuclear Detection: Muon Tomography
Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty
Andrea Klein A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
Nuclear Pulse Propulsion
Brannon Klopfer Nuclear Vehicles
The Fusor
Suhas Kumar Types of Nuclear/Atomic Batteries
Learning from Solar Cells - Improving Nuclear Batteries
Stephanie Lam Helium-3 Proportional Counters and Alternatives for Neutron Detection
Plant Vogtle: The Beginning of a Nuclear Renaissance?
Justin Lee Acute Radiation Syndrome
Attitudes Towards Nuclear Nonproliferation and Deterrence
Becca Levin Post Fukushima: Civilian Nuclear Power Development in China
TerraPower and General Fusion
Marie Maher Stability of Water Under Pressurized Light Water Reactor Conditions
Stability of Zirconium Cladding Under PWR Conditions
Vic Miller The Energy Scales of Atomic Detonations
Natural and Medical Radiation Dosages
Suraya Omar Nuclear Forensics and Attribution
The Aircraft Reactor Experiment
Max Quinn Oxide-Dispersed-Strengthened Alloys in Nuclear Design
Giant Superconducting Magnets for Fusion Reactors
Ian Schultz Passive Nuclear Safety Technology
Basic Economics of Nuclear Power
Paul Theodosis Reactor Shielding Development
National ICBM Defense Systems
Matt Tilghman Using Nuclear Waste Heat as Power Source
Is It Time to Revisit the Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor?
Jonathan Tran Radiation Exposure at Fukushima
Health Effects of Atomic Bomb Radiation, an Examination of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Zach Vane The Use of Computer Modeling in Reactor Design
The High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR)
Ben Weil γ-Ray Induced Polymerization
Uranium Mining and Extraction from Ore
Colin Wessells Cesium-137: A Deadly Hazard
Actinide Electrochemistry and the PUREX Process
Guangyuan Zheng Underwater Nuclear Reactor In Singapore
Corrosion of Spent Nuclear Fuel