Introduction to the Physics of Energy

PH240 - Stanford University - Fall 2012
R. B. Laughlin


Farzaneh Afshinmanesh Nanophotonics Pave the Way for Solar Cells
Plasmonic Solar Cells
Shiv Agarwal Modeling Transmission Lines
Electronic Cooling
Hadiseh Alaeian Lanthanide Doped Up-Converters for Photovoltaic Applications
Bi-Molecular Up-Converters
Hamza Aljamaan The Importance of Shale Gas Recovery
The Importance of Solar Energy in Saudi Arabia
Marjan Aslani Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (Supercapacitors)
Carbon Pricing: An Economic Solution to an Environmental Problem
John Belanger The Liquid Metal Battery
Powering NASA's Curiosity
Justin Briggs Food Waste
Global Development and Energy Use
Michael Chang High-Efficiency Solar Cells using Quantum Dots
Battery Management in Mobile Devices
Blake Crowe Geothermal Energy
Internal Combustion Engine
Chaitali Dalvi Oil From Jatropha
Cryogenic Energy Storage
Sage Doshay Pumped Hydroelectric Storage: Making Renewable Energy Sources Reliable
Thermoelectric Energy Generation
Majid Esfandyarpour Energy Consumption in Electrical Interconnects
Solid State Lighting
Rahim Esfandyarpour Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen
Multi-Junction Solar Cells
Bryan Fairbanks U.S. Solar Water Heating
The Johnstown Flood
Rex Garland Piezoelectric Roads in California
Challenges for LIFE
John Gold Waste to Energy: Europe and the United States
Energy Consumption of an NFL season
William Greenbaum Alternative Jet Fuels
If All Cars Were Electric
Zach Herrera The European Commission's Proposal and Potential Effects on Biodiesel
ITER: Progress and Future Goals
Lauren Jaramillo A Survey of Home Heating Technologies and Fuels
Enhancement of Biomass Fuel
Ben Johnson Power Sources for Space Exploration
Lighting Control Technologies
Adam Jorna Synthetic Fuel Costs
Copper Zinc Tin Sulphide (CZTS) Solar Cells
Donish Khan Energy Consumption Of The Human Body
Dimethyl Ether Production in China
Brannon Klopfer Seawater to Jet Fuel
Off-Grid Homes
Martin Kramer German Nuclear Transition to Renewable Energy
The DC Motor
Sidharth Kumar Organic Fuel Cells
Algae Fuels
John Lagasca TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline
Alberta Grosmont Carbonates: The Next Frontier in Oilsands
Patrick Landreman Wireless Power Transfer to Moving Vehicles
Killer Cars: The Energy Impact of a Radiohead Concert
Justin Lee Energy Usage of Server Farms
The Manhattan Project
Michael Maas Reverse Combustion and Carbon Recycling
Multi-Junction Solar Cells with Concentrators
Yisha Mao Development of US Liquefied Natural Gas Industry
Considerations For IGCC Power Plant Designs
John Melas-Kyriazi Cleantech Venture Capital
Grid-Scale Batteries
Ashley Micks Microorganisms for Renewable Fuel
The Costs of Recycling
Spencer Nam The Tesla Turbine
The Cost of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Michelle Nii Solar Cooker Technologies
Green Roofs
Hyucksoo Park Oil Sands Conundrum
Shale Gas Steel
Nick Plugis Outlook for Lignocellulose Derived Fuels
Petroleum Scarcity and Health Care Provision
Alex Pratt Floating Wind Turbines
Global Integration of Natural Gas Markets
Lucas Prokopiak Cost Competitive Electric Vehicle Fleet
Solar Islands
Nadiv Rahman Conservation At Its Best: The Passivhaus
Biofuels From Microalgae: A Viable Option for the Future
Isaac Ramos A Comparison of Diesel and Gasoline in Consumer Automobiles
Magnetic Confinement Fusion as Applied to Future Energy
Matt Schneider Corn Subsidies and Biofuels
United States Corn Ethanol to Threaten Global Food Secutiy
Ian Schultz Linking Oil Prices to the U.S. Economy
Effects of Shale Gas on US Energy Outlook
Tyler Scott In-Situ Leach Mining of Uranium
California: State of Oil
Jomar Sevilla Energy Usage Challenges of Optical Communication
Energy Efficiency Findings in Optical Networks
Mitchell Spearrin Energy Costs of Water in California
Methanol: An Alternative Transportation Fuel
Great Thavapatikom Online Learning and Energy Consumption
Railgun Payload Launch
Paul Theodosis Natural Gas Economics
Policies of the Wind Turbine Industry
Will Thomas Solar Cell Dye-Doping
Economic Analysis of Wave Energy Extraction
John To Mesoporous Materials for Energy Storage
Flexible Battery and Its Application
Jason Vidaurre Local vs. Large Scale Renewable Energy Generation
High Altitude Wind Turbines
Haotian Wang Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Nanowire solar Cell
Huiliang Wang Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Solar Cells
Carbon Nanomaterials for Supercapacitors