Introduction to Nuclear Energy

PH241 - Stanford University - Winter 2011
R. B. Laughlin


Salahodeen Abdul-Kafi Superphénix Fast-Breeder Reactor
Emirates' Nuclear Islands
Firas Abuzaid Fusion Disposal of Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Attribution and Forensics
Sarkis Agaian North Korean Nuclear Capability
Health Effects of Depleted Uranium
Subhan Ali Life Cycle Emissions of Nuclear Power
Nuclear Waste Disposal Methods
Koyel Bhattacharyya Indian Thorium Breeding Technology
Disposal of Tc-99
Sam Birer Thorium as a Tool for Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation in Iran
The Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope
Bryan Chan Amidoxime Uranium Extraction From Seawater
China's Nuclear Expansion
I-Tso Chen The Liquid Drop Model
Nuclear Waste Glasses
Wenshi Chen Introduction to Thermal Atomic Batteries
Introduction to Neutron Radiography
Charles Dunn Nuclear Reprocessing in Japan
Multigenerational Warning Signs
Eric Eason Americium Smoke Detectors
Hanford's Hot Tanks
Nils Engelsen Fossil Fissile Fuels
The Energy Amplifier
James Grayson Control Rods in Nuclear Reactors
Stuxnet and Iran's Nuclear Program
Curtis Hamman Technetium of the Stars
Virtual Nuclear Testing
Misam Jaffer Uranium Enrichment
Impact of Nuclear Power Plants
Julian Kates-Harbeck The Fusion-Fission Hybrid
The ITER Project
Andrew Keller An Increasingly Rare Isotope
Cerenkov Radiation
Andrew Ladd Physics and Pharmacodynamics of Sm-EDTMP
Food Irradiation
Andrew Lange Nature's Radioactive Material
Ceramic Radiation Shields
Brett Madres Storage and 'Disposal' of Nuclear Waste
Market Justifiable Nuclear Energy
Katie Malone Verification of Nuclear Test Bans
Broken Arrow Incidents
Mahran Nazir France's Underwater Nuclear Reactor
BeO-UO2 Fuel
Matt Noll Accelerator Transmutation of Nuclear Waste
Total Body Irradiation
Britton Olson Fusion Regulation of the Sun
Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and Fusion
Suraya Omar Nuclear Reactor Coolants
Brenda Ou Taiwan's Nuclear Beach
Lise Meitner
Aaron Palke Hybrid Antimatter-Fusion/Fission Propulsion for Interstellar Exploration
Ceramic Materials for Long-Term Sequestration of Radioactive Waste
Tom Parise Fuel Reprocessing
Nuclear Fusion Ramjets
Jamie Ray Fusion Spin Dependence
Accelerator Transmutation of Waste
Ashley Seni Small Modular Reactor Technology
Japan Nuclear Crisis of 2011
Ahmed Sharif Spent Nuclear Fuel in the US, France and Finland
Traveling Wave Reactors
Yonas Yemane Atomic Batteries
Alexander Litvinenko's Poisoning
Chris Yu Polonium Uses
Small Nuclear Reactors
Yuxiang Zhou Technologies for Detecting Nuclear Threats
The Pebble-Bed Reactor