Classical Mechanics

PH210 - Stanford University - Fall 2007
R. B. Laughlin


Aakash Basu The Optical Tweezer
The Problem of Gecko Adhesion
Keith Bechtol Hydraulic Jump
Gravity Probe B and the Search for the Lense-Thirring Effect
Julie Bert Vibration Control Using Piezoelectric Transducers
Pulse Tube Cryocoolers: A Cryogen-Free Path to 2K
Victoria Chang Weighing the Earth in 1798: The Cavendish Experiment
Kristiaan DeGreve Radiation Pressure Induced Mechanical Vibration of Optical Microdisc Oscillators
Magnetostriction and Magneto-Elastic Coupling: from Electric Hum to Sonar
Umut Eser Simple Elastic Rod Model for DNA Supercoiling
Rolling N-gon Pencil
James M. Glownia Steam Turbines
Andy Hall Forbidden Zone of Roulette Wheels
Catching the Wind
Sondra L. Hellstrom Basic Models of Spin Coating
Introduction to Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Seung Sae Hong Nanoelectromechanical System (NEMS): Observing Mechanical Nonlinearity
Huygens' Clock: from Horology to Synchronization
Yan Jiang Self-Organized Criticality and a Pile of Sand
Physics in Orbital Resonance
Shimon Kolkowitz The Physics of a Falling Slinky
The Physics of a Golf Putt
Yeong Dae Kwon Classical Treatment of Doubly-Excited Helium Atoms
3:2 Mercury-Sun Synchronization
Jongmin Lee Spring Gravimeters and Other Alternatives
Unicycle and Inverted Pendulum
Mike McCourt Tidal Acceleration in the Earth/Moon System
Binary Pulsars
Yong Suk Moon Bicycle Stability
Flight Dynamics of Boomerang
Ko Munakata Motion of Spinning Eggs
Analytical Mechanics Applied to Chemical Reaction in Linear Collisions
Rodrigo Noriega-Manez Inertial Navigation
Fractional Calculus and Variational Mechanics
Clayton Otey High Frequency Degrees of Freedom and the Jeans-Landau-Teller Approximation
A Physical Model of the Piano for Sound Synthesis
Shih-Arng Pan The Tippe Top
The Theory of Isostasy
Dmitri Pavlichin The Dynamics of Bolide Entry and Fragmentation in Earth's Atmosphere
Tidal Heating of Jupiter's and Saturn's Moons
Jason Pelc Physics of the Curveball
Solving the Sound of a Guitar String
Aaswath P. Raman Extrasolar Planet Detection and the Kozai Mechanism
Rapid Snappers: A Mechanistic Model of How the Venus Flytrap Snaps
Michael Ramm Analysis of the 1908 Tunguska Explosion
Direct Observation of Moon Mass
Michael Rosen Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Anthony Scodary The Aerodynamics and Stability of Flying Discs
Shattering a Wine Glass with Sound
Anthony Serpry Skipping Stone
Tidal Bores
Ben Shank Sperry Gyrostabilizer
Hull Speed
Michael Shaw Star Formation Rate and the Magnetorotational Instability
On the Instability of Hyperion's Orbit
David Silverstein Models for Long Run-Out Avalanches
Jonathan A. Sobota Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
Halteres: Mechanisms for Stable Insect Flight
Limor S. Spector The Mystery of Booming Sand Dunes - Solved?
The Reverse Brazil Nut Effect in Granular Flow: Nutty or Not?
Alex Sugarbaker Lagrange Points and Methods for Observing Extrasolar Trojan Planets
Early Evidence for Dark Matter: The Virial Theorem and Rotation Curves
Jong Min Sung Single Molecule Studies Using Magnetic Tweezers
Dielectrophoresis and Optoelectronic Tweezers for Nanomanipulation
Sonny Vo Physical Properties of DNA
The Rings of Saturn