Solid State Physics (I)

AP272 - Stanford University - Winter 2007
R. B. Laughlin


Julie Bert A Review of Scanning Electron Microscopy with Spin Analysis
Justin Brockman Kramers-Kronig and Ellipsometry Techniques
George F. Burkhard Singlet Exciton Fission in Organic Semiconductors
Cheng-Chien Chen Josephson Superconducting Tunneling Effect
Patricia E. Gharagozloo A Brief Discussion on Fullerene, Carbon Nanotube and Peapod Synthesis
Sondra L. Hellstrom The Scaling Theory of Localization in Experiment - Part 1: Phorphorus-Doped Silicon
The Scaling Theory of Localization in Experiment - Part 2: Carbon Nanotube Electronics
Donghyun Kim Schottky Barrier Formation
Eunji Kim High Permittivity Dielectrics for Nano-Scale Devices
Jason Komadina Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
Robert B. Laughlin Simple Model Band Structure for a Semiconductor
Kronig-Penny Model in Higher Dimension
Byoungil Lee Hot Carrier Effects: the Programming Mechanism in FLASH Memory
Paul Lim Graphene and Applications to Electronic Transistors
Searoonter Oh Schottky Barrier Formation in GaAs
Yun-Chieh Peng Dielectric Constant of a Metal
Eden Rephaeli Calculating Power Conversion Efficiencies for Direct and Non-Direct Sunlight Photovoltaics
Kipp A. Rogers Behavior of Heat Capacity at Low and High Temperatures
Michael W. Rowell Donor-Acceptor Recombination Luminescence
Sunil Sandhu Phonon Echoes in a Glass at Low Temperature
Nimrod Stander Graphene - The Missing Link
Gaurav Thareja Electron Spin Resonance of Interface Defects at the Si-SiO2 Interface
Rolf Timp Methods of Photonic Crystal Fabrication
Kevin D. Welsher The Band Structure of GaAs by the Empirical Pseudopotential Method
Justin White Surface Plasmon Polaritons
Sho Yaida Excitations in Antiferromagnets