Anita Laughlin

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A. P. Laughlin, Reindeer with King Gustaf (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2009).

"Open-hearted, humorous, inside-the-Nobel-laureate-beltway narrative from when the author and her husband first received the news he had won, to spending a week in snowy Stockholm. A suburban American dazzled by the charms of the old world - banquets full of royalty, jewels, flowers, taffeta gowns, and brilliantly lit rooms - Laughlin carries you away with her gimlet-eyed descriptions of the clothes and smell of the flowers; you feel and see the snowy, dark weather and the brilliant lights and torches. You feel the moods of the laureates and sense the collective thrill of their accomplishments." - Mary Reath, Author of Rome and Canterbury

"Ms. Laughlin's delightful account of the magical, stressful, surreal, chaotic, enchanting, and awesome Nobel experience brought back warm memories of my own trip to Stockholm and the joyful yet daunting way it which it changed my life and the life of my family." - William Phillips, Winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics.

"Wonderful read! Ms. Laughlin manages to make you both yearn to be the physics professor from Stanford whose dream has finally come true, and also to be the wife of the Nobel prize winner, who will be accompanying her husband. The book is full of humor and humanism. I learned a lot about how to handle being the spouse of a talented scientist where work is not something you can discuss, yet you must find a way to graciously attend to your dinner partners and not lose yourself at the same time." - Thea Selby, Women in Periodical Publishing, Co-Founder

"Thank you for your remarkable diary with elaborate comments around Bob's and your Nobel Week. I must say I am amazed about the richness and exact nature of all your detailed observations. I can only congratulate you for a very instructive and entertaining 'handbook' for future travelers to Stockholm, as well as for a broader public." - Michael Sohlman, Executive Director, The Nobel Foundation